HOW TO WRITE FOR SUCCESS is a literary haven to showcase your writings and get assistance to publish your books.. Our Motto is: Spreading Literary Talent Worldwide At How to Write for Success we value integrity in Literature and look forward to your quality writings. The aim of our Founder, Mrs. Brenda Mohammed is to unify and safeguard Global Literature. In May 2020, World Nations Writers' Union awarded the Forum with a unique award FOR MERITS TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF WORLD LITERATURE. This award was for writers or organisations with high merit contribution to the development of contemporary world literature and to promote friendship and fraternity among peoples of the world. It was given in consideration of their life time achievements in terms of thoughts, mentorship and precision of their pen. Our Forum and Website contain valuable information on successful writing. We welcome writers in the forum of every nationality and language, but require an English translation for those who cannot read Spanish, Italian, Hindi, or foreign languages. Obscene language and obscene pictures are not allowed; neither is plagiarism tolerated. We reward high-quality literature.

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We have a Dynamic Team at HOW TO WRITE FOR SUCCESS. In keeping with our Motto - Spreading Literary Talent Worldwide - we have appointed Literary Ambassadors. POEMS FOR SUICIDE PREVENTION LITERARY FORUM This is a sub- forum of HOW TO WRITE FOR SUCCESS. It was opened to collect suitable poems for Parts 1 and 2 of A SPARK OF HOPE: A TREASURY OF POEMS FOR SAVING LIVES which was successfully published in February 2019 and 2020 respectively. Both books topped the charts on Amazon to become bestseller No 1 in Poetry and anthologies. LITERARY FORUM FOR POEMS AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE is another sub-forum opened to collect poems for a third Anthology, Break the silence: An Anthology against Domestic violence. It was successfully published on March 5th. 2020 and topped the charts to become Amazon Bestseller No 1 All Anthologies were Amazon bestsellers No 1 in Poetries and anthologies. HOW TO WRITE FOR SUCCESS LIBRARY- BOOKS ONLY This forum is a new addition and has been opened strictly for Book Promotions for member authors.

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Effective February 28th 2021, the forum started producing a half-yearly magazine for the Literary Network. The first one was published in March 2021, in celebration of our 3rd Anniversary, the second was published in September 2021, the third in February 2022. for our 4th anniversary.

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The forum has achieved a few milestones during its two year stint. 1 Published A Spark of Hope : A Treasury of poems for saving Lives in Feb. 2019 with 49 co-authors, and republished it in Sept. 2019 due to death of publisher. 2. Celebrated two year Anniversary Feb 2020 3. Published Amazon Bestseller No 1 A Spark of Hope Volume TWO on February 11th 2020 with 64 co-authors. 4. Published another Amazon No 1 bestseller, Break the Silence: An Anthology against Domestic Violence on 5th March 2020 with 84 co-authors. 5. Received an award on 28th May 2020 from World Nations Writers Union for high merit contribution to the development of contemporary world literature, and its efforts to promote friendship and fraternity among peoples of the world. This high valued certificate was given in consideration of the platform’s achievements in terms of planning, quality, operational methodology, mentorship, and accurate policies to give greater exposure to world writers, by Kairat Duissenov Parman Founder & President, World Nations Writers Union. 6. Celebrated 3rd Anniversary of Forum in February 2021 and issued an Anniversary Magazine on Mar. 3rd 2021. 7. Published Break the Silence - Volume 2 with 91 co-authors on June 8th 2021 8. Published Second Issue of Magazine in Sept. 2021. 9. Published third issue of Magazine in February 2022. 10. Published PEACE BEGINS WITH US on 21st April 2022. 11. Published CREATING A BETTER WORLD on SEpt.2nd. 2022. All anthologies and Magazines were Amazon No 1 bestsellers.

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The following is the Forum's Logo - Spreading Literary Talent worldwide.


A Spark of Hope: A Treasury of Poems for Saving Lives was the first project undertaken by the HOW TO WRITE FOR SUCCESS FORUM in February 2019. It became an Amazon Bestseller No I in the space of a few days. It was the work of 49 poets. A Spark of Hope Volume 11 was published on 12th February and was also an Amazon bestseller in the space of a few days. A SPARK OF HOPE VOLUME II is the work of 64 prolific poets who have encountered and survived life’s most enormous difficulties. These therapeutic poems are meant to ignite a spark of hope in the lives of the depressed and downtrodden. Life is a precious gift. Never give up. Read these poems before you decide to take that drastic step. A SPARK OF HOPE VOLUME I saved many lives, and PART II is expected to save many more.

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Break the Silence: An Anthology against Domestic Violence

MILESTONE No 4 -------- 1.BREAK THE SILENCE: AN ANTHOLOGY AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE - Another Amazon No 1 Best seller produced by HTWFS in March 2020. 2. BREAK THE SILENCE: VOLUME 2 was published in June 2021, and was also an Amazon bestseller No 1.

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This Article appeared in the Trinidad Presbyterian News of Trinidad and Tobago

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PEACE BEGINS WITH US: Poetic Verses on Peace, Love, and Humanity

AMAZON NO 1 BESTSELLER, PEACE BEGINS WITH US: Poetic Verses on Peace, Love, and Humanity, was the brain child of the Founder, Brenda Mohammed. " This “Unique” book, Peace Begins with us: Poetic Verses on Peace, Love, and Humanity, establishes the fact that peace isn’t far away but nearer than we think, thus it ignites the light that hovers around several areas in our daily lives, calling for the signature of peace to be appended for the advancement of humanity. The poetic devices also used to express Peace leave us with the scent of better times. The fecundity of thoughts expressed by the prolific co-authors in “this book, outlines, defines, brings to understanding, reminds, calls us to reflection, as well as directs the way towards world peace. This Anthology is a gem, a must-have that serves to enlighten in bridging the gap from heart to heart, as well as to bring out the best in us, by activating the power of good in us for the good of all. You will find more on how to be a change leader as you read through the entire collection. As a Global Peace Ambassador, I feel extremely honoured to be a part of this wonderful project led by the Icon of Inspiration, a Champion for change, a Bestseller Author, a Role Model, and a gift to humanity – Trinidadian Brenda Mohammed, who has empowered both young and old across continents through literature. I recommend this book to leaders, parents, students, politicians, light workers, peace activists, educators, professionals, and general readers." From the Foreword - Lovelyn P. Eyo

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Our mission at How to Write for Success Literary Network is to spread Literary Talent Worldwide. This is a non-profit forum with the following sub-forums which you may join. Literary Forum for Poems Against Domestic Violence. Poems for Prevention of Suicide Literary Forum. Library of How to Write for Success – Books only We welcome writers of every nationality and language. However, we need an English translation for those of us who cannot read foreign languages. We invite you to read the valuable information on writing and publishing on our website and in the GUIDES section of our Facebook pages. Please subscribe to the HTWFS YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS5SkhDVzbey_kGWfgSkaaw We award certificates for high-quality literature as follows: 1. In our five-star poetry contests. 2. For persons who self-publish a book on Amazon. 3. For persons who review a member’s book. 4. For poetry narrations in our Open Mike Contests. Down load our Anthologies and Magazines from Amazon. Brenda Mohammed Founder – How to Write for Success Literary Network.


In association with CIESART - TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO, the forum published a new Anthology - CREATING A BETTER WORLD. This Anthology is dedicated to the memory of the great Trinidadian writer and Nobel Prize Winner 2001 – Sir Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul - Nobel Laureate. The Manuscript for the Anthology was edited by Anganie Ramsaroop – Director/General of CIESART – Trinidad and Tobago. The impressive Foreword was written by Dr. Vandita Dharni. The Preface was written by Lily Baylon, President of CIESART- Europe. Florabelle Lutchman - Vice-President - CIESART -Trinidad and Tobago wrote the acknowledgement. The book was published on Amazon by Founder HTWFSLN and President- CIESART- Trinidad and Tobago, Brenda Mohammed. All 67 participants received diplomas from CIESART.