About the FOUNDER

About the FOUNDERAbout the FOUNDER
Author of the popular, multi-award-winning, bestselling book HOW TO WRITE FOR SUCCESS, Brenda C. Mohammed, a former Bank Manager from Trinidad is a renowned multi-genre, bestselling, and multi-award-winning author of thirty-six books.
She holds a Diploma in Banking from the Institute of Bankers in London, and a Diploma in Life Underwriting from the American College, USA
She qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table, the Premier Association for Financial Professionals, six times in a row.
 Her genres include memoirs, science fiction, romance, self-help, mystery, children’s books, psychological thrillers, poetry, and poetry anthologies. Her self-help book, ‘How to Write for Success,’ became an important guide for new and aspiring authors.
She won several literary awards in the USA, Peru, Kazakhstan, Seychelles, Nigeria, India, Romania, Argentina, and the UK. She made headlines in several newspapers around the world.
Brenda was inducted into the Indie Author's Wall of Fame in the USA. in January 2020.
In 2018, she received two awards from Readers Favorite International in Miami for two of her books- Zeeka Chronicles and I am Cancer Free.
Three of her books won gold awards in Connection EMagazine Readers’ Choice Awards - Zeeka Chronicles (2018], Stories People Love (2019) and How to Write for Success (2019).
Several of her books also received five-star reviews from Readers Favourite International and topped the charts of Amazon to rank as Amazon No 1 bestseller.
She was recognised in newspaper reports in Trinidad and Tobago Newsday on 7th November 2018, 16th October 2020, and Trinidad Guardian and Worldnews.net on 20th September 2020. 
News of her success reached as far as Ethiopia where a journalist by the name of Alem Hailu interviewed her online on 17th November 2019 for the Ethiopian Sunday Herald.
Brenda is also a poet and among her publications are eight poetry books, with one in bi-lingual – English and Spanish and another, joint with her sister, Florabelle Lutchman is about Covid 19.
Some of her poetry appeared in prestigious journals and anthologies in India, USA, Kazakhstan. Seychelles, USA, and other parts of the world.
She is the Founder of the HOW TO WRITE FOR SUCCESS LITERARY NETWORK with Forums How to Write for Success, Poems for Suicide Prevention, Library of How to Write for Success, and Poems against Domestic Violence with 11000 plus members.
Brenda is an advocate against Domestic Violence and Suicide, and together with several bestselling authors have published three anthologies for these causes, and is working on a fourth.
Her YouTube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbOiViRMRlzpTqyaO2VTBnA
received over 123,000 views since inception. The Channel is for her Video Book Trailers, songs, and travel memories.
                            PUBLISHED WORKS OF AUTHOR
19th May 2014 - Adventures of Squeaky Doo –  Five exciting travel Memoirs of a Teddy Bear that children love.
23rd May 2017 - She Cried for Me – the heart-wrenching autobiography of a stray dog. The book is also available in Audio and is a best seller on Audible.com
3rd Oct 2020 -The Child Poet – A poetic Galaxy for Children was an Amazon hot new release within hours of being published.
1t November 2018 - The Gift of Love: Barry Holmes Mysteries Book 1 – a crime fiction/romance that once topped the Amazon charts in all three categories of Kidnapping Thrillers, Private Investigation Mysteries, and Conspiracy Thrillers, and is an Amazon bestseller No 1.
4th February 2019 - The Axe Murderer: Barry Holmes Mysteries Book 2 – a crime fiction highlighting kidnapping for ransom.
25th May 2020 - What happened to Mary Loo: Barry Holmes Mysteries Book 3 – a suspense-filled mystery fiction about a businesswoman who mysteriously disappeared just after the CoVid 19 lockdown.
16th June 2020 - Barry Holmes Mysteries: Tales of Mysterious Disappearances – Three mind-blowing tales of mystery.
3rd June 2013 - I am Cancer Free: A Memoir – the true story of the author's miraculous recovery from cancer and the winner of two prestigious awards, and an Amazon bestseller.
8th November 2014 -Memoirs of Dr. A. M. Khan: Journey of an Educator – gives a glimpse into life in the days of Indentureship in Trinidad and Tobago.
8th June 2014 - My Life as a Banker: A Life Worth Living – a motivational memoir of Brenda's life in the banking sector.
12th June 2014- Retirement is Fun: A new Chapter – filled with travel adventures after the author moved on from a banking career. She demonstrates clearly when one door closes, many others open.
28th August 2014 - Travel Memoirs with Pictures: Exploring the world – a pictorial memoir of the author's travels around the world and is great for travel inspiration. 9also in colour edition.]
13th April 2014 - Your Time Is Now: A Time to be Born and a Time to Die – gives answers to compelling questions and will help you find your purpose in life.
18th Jan 2019 - Strength for the Disheartened: Motivational Poems – a collection of poems to motivate and inspire.
10th August 2019 - Dreams of the Heart: A Poetry Collection –  a selection of a number of unique poems for romantic poetry lovers.
4th May 2020 - A Road travelled: Poetry to Delight – the book features a wide range of inspirational poems on Love, Love’s woes, Travel, Happiness, and effects on life during lockdown at the time of CoVid 19.
18th July 2020 - Soothing Poetry in English and Spanish - The poems are didactic, fun to read, and full of hope and insight. The book is an Amazon No 1 bestseller in Spanish poetry.
13th Oct 2020 - Chaotic Times: Poetry Vaccine for Covid 19 published jointly with Florabelle Lutchman topped the charts of Amazon and became bestseller No 1 in the USA, UK, Spain, Canada, Mexico, and Australia in Women’s Poetry.
11th Dec 2020 – Sweet Medley: A Poetic Joy contains a medley of poems by Author Brenda Mohammed on varied subjects of life, love, and nature, as well as a number of tributes she received from members of the forum, ‘How to Write for Success’ of which she is Founder. It also is an Amazon bestseller in Poetry about love.
14th Feb. 2021 – Just for You: Poetic Flowers – contains poems of love, childhood, and sundry thoughts, as well as Love poems written by a few members of the How to Write for Success Literary Forum of which she is the Founder. It was also an Amazon bestseller.
15th May 2021 – Truth: Poetry and Prose. Too often truth is distorted or misinterpreted, and replaced by lies and misinformation. Both poetry and prose within this book are about truth.
19th May 2014 - Stories People Love – Six exciting short stories of crime, adventure, and love. The stories are very alluring. It won two gold awards in Connection Emagazine Readers’ Choice awards 2019 in romance fiction.
16th April 2014 - Heart-Warming Tales –  Six thrilling and suspenseful tales of Crime, Love, and Unhappy Marriages, all unified by the same theme - trials and tribulations of love. It is an Amazon Bestseller No 1 in Romance fiction.
17th October 2019 - Stories that Intrigue, a romance novel, contains the love story of Sam and Julia, two bestselling authors in six intriguing episodes. The binge and wanderlust of Julia will delight every reader. It is an Amazon No 1 bestseller and received a five-star review from Readers Favorite International.
21st February 2016 - Zeeka and the Zombies: Revenge of Zeeka Book 1 –the first book in a spine-chilling science fiction series and an Amazon No 1 best seller.
19th March 2016 - Zeeka's Child: Revenge of Zeeka Book 2 –  Mystery surrounds the birth of Zeeka's Child.
19th April 2016 - Zeeka Returns: Revenge of Zeeka Book 3 –  Zeeka decides his fate.
2nd May 2016 - Revenge of Zeeka: Horror Trilogy comprises the first three stories in the award-winning series Revenge of Zeeka.
6th October 2016 - Zeeka's Ghost: Revenge of Zeeka Book 4 –  Zeeka's Ghost haunts Steven.
18th February 2017 - Resurrection: Revenge of Zeeka Book 5 –  the sudden appearance of a stranger, bothers Steven.
23rd February 2017 - Zeeka Chronicles: Revenge of Zeeka: This multi-award-winning science-fiction novel, set in the year 2036, and inspired by the recent scare of the zika virus, where zombies and robots take center stage, has won four awards.
1st Dec 2017 - How to Write for Success: Best Writing Advice I Received – a popular guide for new and aspiring authors.
The book received a five-star review from Readers Favorite International and is an Amazon bestseller No 1 in writing guides. It is her inspiration for founding the Facebook literary forum, ‘How to Write for Success,’ with 10,000 plus members.
It also won first place in the EConnections Readers’ Choice award in 2019 and won the gold medal.
Alem Hailu of the Ethiopian Herald published a fantastic review about it on 16 February 2020. https://www.press.et/english/?p=19103
11th Sept. 2019 A SPARK OF HOPE 1 co-authored by 49 authors, is an Amazon No 1 bestseller in Poetry Anthologies for prevention of suicide.
 11th Feb 2020 A SPARK OF HOPE II coauthored by 64 authors, is also an Amazon No 1 bestseller in Poetry Anthologies for prevention of suicide.
 5th March 2020 BREAK THE SILENCE coauthored by 84 authors, is an Amazon No 1 bestseller in Poetry Anthologies against domestic violence.
3rd March 2021 MAGAZINE - How to Write for Success Literary Network celebrated its third anniversary in February 2021.Multiple authors contributed Poem Tributes for the celebration of the Anniversary. The Magazine contains informational articles and beautiful poetry for readers' enjoyment and was an Amazon bestseller.
This is a riveting and amazing psychological thriller that contains valuable advice for many in such situations, as well as poems for poetry readers.