Academic Board

Shiju H. Pallithazheth

Founder - Motivational Strips

Author Shiju H Pallithazheth is the Founder of ‘Motivational Strips’ and the holder of many accolades.. Today Motivational Strips founded by him has a daily viewership of 140000 plus people daily in Facebook . He ıs also the Chief Advisor in World Natıons Wrıters' Unıon Kazakhstan on World Literature and Chancellor of MSALEW. He was recently appointed as World Ambassador at Union Hispanomundial de Escritores. Shiju is a person who takes selfless time in coaching worldwide writers to be greater writers to write the greatest books to read. He believes that good books and not good book stores matters more. Thus it always comes to writing first and later books. He follows his mission to spread love and unity among writers so that global literature touches the pinnacle of its glory. Known for his gifted wisdom, he holds a Bachelors Degree (Hons.) in English Literature and Masters in Business Administration. He has written hundreds of articles/quotes and poems covering all genres. He has an unique form of writing which has a global voice and can be easily comprehended by any readers from the world. Though an Indian by birth, he spent most of his life in Sultanate of Oman where his parents worked. He is presently employed in Oman from where he writes his thoughts to the world of readers and writers. In December 2018 he was awarded the World Laureate in Literature 2018 by World Nations Writers Union.

Brenda Mohammed

Founder- How to Write for Success

Author Brenda Mohammed is from Trinidad in the Caribbean. She is an award-winning, multi-genre author, and poet, who has written twenty-one books. Since she started writing she has won several awards for most of her books. In November 2018 she travelled to Miami to collect two prestigious awards from Readers Favorite International for her science fiction novel, Zeeka Chronicles. and a Memoir I Am Cancer Free. Brenda is a former Bank Manager and Insurance Professional. She is the Founder of the Facebook Group How to Write for Success. Brenda believes "The Sky is not the Limit. The Mind is." Her work has been recognised by World Nations Writers’ Union, which granted her Honorary Membership, and made her an Honorary member of its World Higher Literary Academic Council. OTHER AWARDS RECEIVED: 1. World Laureate in Literature Award 2018. 2.Certificate of Honour for serving as a juror in an International Poetry Contest sponsored by World Nations Writers Union. 3.Global Literature Guardian Award from the Founder of Motivational Strips and its Associates, World Nations Writers’ Union, and Union Hispanomundial de Escritores 4.For her efforts in maintaining and spreading Global Peace, Motivational Strips and its Nominating Authorities awarded her with a Golden Dove of Peace Award

Williamsji Maveli


Williamsji Maveli evaluates poems by writers in the group.. Williamsji Maveli is a member of WORLD NATIONS WRITERS UNION as well as a honorary member of one of its World Higher Literary Academic Council (WHLAC ). He is a Dean in MSALEW for Poetry Analysis. A Commerce Post Graduate from Kerala, Williamsji Maveli, wears his many featured caps with elegance. He has created a place for himself in the world of poetry and literary review writing and contributes regularly to many poetry web sites and groups. Poetry writing for him is a deep passion, and his poetry depicts realities in life, coupled with spirituality in love and longings. Williamsji is currently working as a Freelance web content writer and designer at Bangalore and Cochin in India. Earlier, he had worked for ETISLALAT, THURAYA SATELLITE Corporations, ME PUBLISHERS, KHALEEJ TIMES, GULF NEWS & GULF TODAY – All News Agencies in United Arab Emirates. His 4th poetry collection, titled as “ S.O.U.L.S “ (Spirituality of Unknown Luminaries Symphony ) has been an eye opener in terms of delving deep into the myriad aspects of life in an in-depth and vibrant manner. His poetic themes are suffused with themes that are very relevant for the present day society. S.O.U.L.S (Spirituality of Unknown Luminaries Symphony) consists of 3 parts, Salvation of Souls, Soliloquy of Souls and Songs of Souls. These were justified as a reason (or Cause), a spirit (or Power) and as appetite (or Hunger). All parts of the soul have desires, but desire in appetitive and spirited parts is not a matter of belief about what is good or what is bad. This book of poetry is the blossom and the fragrance of all human knowledge, thoughts, passions and emotions. His 5th book of poetry titled A.B.O.D.E (Aesthetic Bliss Of Divine Entity), a collection of 400 selected poems will be launched by mid – December, this year. He had won the prestigious Honorary Author award for literary excellence from MOTIVATIONAL STRIPS and another award for his literary contributions from KGA group based in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates . Dr. Williamsji Maveli was elected SENATOR OF THE WORLD UNION OF POETS FOR THE CHAMBER OF POETS" until June 30, 2019. On 31st December 2018, he received a Global Literature Guardian Award from the Founder of Motivational Strips.



Destinyy Lightt Speakss is an author, poet, painter, musician and photographer. She is an Administrator of Motivational Strips and a member of the World Nations Writers' Union. She is a Graduate in Commerce, holds a Diploma in Computer Science, and specialised in psychology for Special Children. She wrote three Novels which are on Amazon. She received a Global Literature Guardian Award in 2018 from the Founder of Motivational Strips.