Farhana Sait


Farhana Sait is a poet from India. She is a graduate in Accounts and Commerce and holds a Diploma in Computer Applications. She is a Computer Science Teacher. She holds a Global Literature Guardian Award from the Founder of Motivational Strips and Associates..

Narendra Rajkumar


Narendra is a Retiree who loves to write Poetry. He hails from Trinidad in the Caribbean. He writes mostly Poems, after the Classical Styles. He also modifies the Classic for styles adapting to Modern appreciation. Narendra received the Global Literature Guardian Award on 16th January 2019 in recognition of Global Literary Excellence and Global Literary Support from Motivational Strips and Associates. He sparked off the bright idea to publish an Anthology of Poems for Saving Lives. Thus A SPARK OF HOPE was born.



Dr. Julia E. Antoine has written several children’s books, including her, Too-Clever series, a collection of ten children stories, along with several others, She has also written, The Human Element, a collection of short stories and recently, her memoir, But For The Love Of My Father. Dr. Antoine also writes romance novels under her pen name, Ju Ephraime. Her romance novels are packed with strong alpha characters, yet always a wonderful, happily ever after ending. She has won several awards for her writing, both for her children’s books and her romance novels. One of her romance novels, White Magic Woman, seconded in Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest, and another won a gold medal, in Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards. These days she stays busy helping in the community and donating her time to a not-for-profit organization, which she helped establish. Presently, she resides in CT where she has lived with her family for the past thirty-five years. She still misses her time on the sunny Caribbean islands, but takes pleasure in using them as backdrops to some of her stories. Dr. Antoine holds two Masters Degrees from the State University of New York and Syracuse University and a doctorate from Northeastern University in Boston in Higher Education Administration.

Kelly Wallace Artieri


Kelly Artieri is an author/illustrator with degrees in Medical & Scientific Illustration. She resides in the Buffalo, NY area with her family. She is the author of “A Spot in My Heart”. Kelly began journaling after the loss of a beloved pet, she and her family had adopted due to his special needs. Her journals have become an award winning memoir. It is not a dog book; it is a powerful memoir with a dog in it. Kelly enjoys writing, freelance illustration work and speaking engagements that the success of the book has awarded her. She is currently working on her second book.

Mala Naidoo


Mala Naidoo is an Australian author who writes psychological thrillers within evocative settings. She was born in South Africa, worked as an English teacher in secular and non-secular institutions and is a University Advisor to pre-service teachers. Writing was a long-held passion with inspiration drawn from many years of teaching literature and motivating students to achieve their creative potential. She enjoys travelling which is the catalyst for her real and fictional settings in her books. Mala is a member of the English Teachers’ Association, NSW, and Alliance of Independent Authors. Mala manages her author website, blog and newsletter at as ’Mala Naidoo’s Book World.’ She is the author of: ‘Across Time and Space’ ’Vindication Across Time’ ’Souls of Her Daughters’ ’Chosen Lives’ ’The Rain - A Collection of Short Stories