Farhana Sait

Chief Administrator/Spokesperson

Farhana Sait is the Chief Administrator/Spokesperson for the How to Write for Success Literary Network. She is an award-winning poet and bestselling co-author. Farhana is the holder of a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. She is a training and development officer, an entrepreneur, a freelance editor in her local newspaper, and a writer. She is a co-author in the following Amazon No 1 bestselling anthologies produced by the How to Write for Success Forum and was Assistant Editor in A Spark of Hope Volumes one and two. A Spark of Hope: A Treasury of Poems to prevent Suicide Volume 1 A Spark of Hope: A Treasury of Poems to prevent Suicide Volume 2 Break the Silence: An Anthology Against Domestic Violence. Volumes One and Two. Apart from writing, cooking is another one of her passions and she runs two restaurants, Although she received many accolades, the best one for her is being a happy mother, sister, and aunt, and she gives all praise and thanks to the Almighty. her son, two strong sisters, nieces, and nephews. Farhana's wish is to see a world without pain, especially single women whom she wants to see become stronger..

Mala Naidoo

Chief Administrator

Mala Naidoo is an award--winning Australian thriller fiction writer, and best-selling co-author. She is a Chief Administrator in the How to Write for Success Literary Network. She was a co-author in two bestselling Anthologies initiated by the Forum's Founder. They are A Spark of Hope Volume II: A Treasury of Poems for Saving Lives, and Break the Silence: An Anthology Against Domestic Violence, which both topped the charts on Amazon and climbed to No 1 Bestsellers. She runs her website Mala Naidoo’s Book World with a newsletter sign-up for sample compositions, giveaways, and blog posts on writing and books. Mala has worked as an English teacher in South Africa and Australia. She was head of three English faculties and is currently a part-time teacher and university advisor. Mala runs writing workshops for high schools on request. She upholds and supports All Lives Matter. Her mission statement is: In our angst and joy we are one under the sky of humanity. .

Dr.Vandita Dharni

Chief Administrator

Dr, Vandita Dharni hails from an eminent family of educationalists. She has earned many a distinction in the literary field. In the early stages of her academic pursuits, she raised the bar by topping the University of Allahabad at the postgraduate level in English. Thereafter, she earned an honorary Ph.D. degree from the University in American Literature. Her articles, poems, and short stories have been published in journals like Criterion, Ruminations, GNOSIS, HellBound Publishing House and International magazines like Immagine and Poessia, Synchronised Chaos, Guido Gozzano. and Primer Antologia De Poetas Del Proyecto De Unamos Al Mundo Con La Poesia- Mexico. Her poem, The Endangered Tiger was given an honourable mention in the Guido Gozzano. Her first anthology, Quintessential Outpourings was published in 2016. Her next two books, The Oyster of Love and Rippling Overtures have been published recently. Her poems were read on the John Kavanagh show. She has edited anthologies for Poetry World and an anthology entitled Petals of Peace. She has also reviewed several poems on poetry sites like Poetry Review on Facebook. Vandita also co-authored four bestselling Anthologies published by the How to Write for Success Literary Network of which she is Chief Administrator. The Anthologies topped the ranks of Amazon and became Amazon bestsellers in the space of a few days. She has been honoured with the Poetic Galaxy Award 2018 by the Literati Cosmos Society for her notable contribution to Poetry and the Double Cross Award for her outstanding contributions in the book on Complexion Based Discriminations. They were conferred upon her by the Literati Cosmos Society of India. World Nations Writers’ Union honoured her with the World Poetic Star award in 2019. She received the Star Ambassador of World literature by Phiosophique Poetica, Canada in 2019, and the Rabindranath Tagore Award for Poetry in 2020 by the Arpita Foundation at Brindavan, Mathura. Apart from her literary achievements, Vandita is the Ambassador of the World Institute for Peace for Chandigarh, India. .

Florabelle Lutchman

Chief Administrator

Mrs. Florabelle Lutchman is a Chief Administrator in the How to Write for Success Literary Network. She is a retired Principal of the Vistabella Presbyterian Primary School in Trinidad where she was born and raised by educated parents. In 1999 she was awarded the prestigious prize of Principal of the Year from the Presbyterian Primary Schools’ Board of Education. She was selected from 72 Presbyterian Primary Schools based on her dedication and commitment to education at this school. In 2002 she also received an award from the San Fernando City Council for her outstanding contribution to education. She continued teaching examination classes at a Private Primary Schools after her retirement as Principal of this prestigious Presbyterian Primary School She is interested in people as a whole and has completed a course of Religious Studies at St. Andrew's Theological College. She preaches at her church when scheduled by the resident Minister. She has received awards from her church for her sterling contribution as an Elder and Local Board Secretary. She has written numerous papers for the Presbyterian News, the official organ of the Presbyterian Church in Trinidad and Tobago. She has also written many eulogies of her deceased loved ones and also many poems.

Bindi Sharma

Senior Administrator

Vindhya Sharma, nicknamed Bindi Sharma on Facebook, one of the brilliant and efficient Administrators of How to Write for Success Literary Network, with sub-forums, Poems for Suicide Prevention, Poems Against Domestic Violence, and Library of How to Write for Success. Bindi has done her schooling from Dehradoon, India where she did her graduation in Indian culture and Fine Arts. She is a national scholarship holder and studied political science for two years at PB university in Chandigarh. After that, and inspired by her mother, she joined various social organisations to do social work. Bindi worked as State Social Organiser at Shimla H P. This is an Association for social and moral hygiene She was also involved in associations with Bhartiya Grameen, Mahila Sangh, and The Red Cross society affiliated under the International Abolitionist Federation of Geneva. During this period she organised agricultural camps and seminars at the district level involving people at the grass root level. She wrote a thesis on 'The status of women in Himachal Pradesh and presented it in All India Conference at Jaipur. She continued to work for the upliftment of rural areas. Later on, she chose journalism as a career in Delhi and worked for 'India calling ' ( Toronto paper ). She also did freelancing for various Indian papers. In between, she worked in the Press institute of India Sapru house New Delhi under Nieman fellow late Shri Chanchal Sarkar for the publication of its magazine 'Vidura. ' She loves to write poetry and has published many poems. In 2018, she attended Poetic Confluence in Hyderabad and the world-famous Guntur poetic festival and was felicitated. Bindi’s book of poetry 'Eternal memories” containing 65 poems was published by Vishwa Bhartiya research centre and was released in world poetry festival 2017 organised by Shri L S R Prasad in Hyderabad Ramoji Rao City. Bindi is a co-author in several national and international anthologies as follows: 1. Amazon bestsellers No 1, A Spark of Hope: A Treasury of Poems for Saving Lives, Volumes 1 and 2, which were initiated by How to Write for Success Literary Forum of which Brenda Mohammed, an author of forty books, is Founder. 2. Voices of humanity volume 4, compiled by John Patrick Boutiluer &Gina Ancheta Agsaulio - ARDUS publications New Anthology dedicated to all matters related to humanity, Love, equality, peace brother/sisterhood human rights, freedom of speech, and action freedom of sexual and gender expression. Her poems Northern lights of Norway and Loneliness are published therein. 3. Women poets within and beyond shore ( volume -1). Her poems published were Melody of dreams, Story to tell ( one lonely bird ), and Autumn river. 4. Humanitarian voices from 40 countries - A tribute to the current refugee crisis Verses on racism, resistance, and refugee crisis volume 1, Edited by Dr. Shamenaz Bano and Foreword by Maram Al Masri ( Syrian poet ). Poems published were: Syrian civil war, Black wonders, and Healing. 5. Petals of Peace, An Anthology by Dr. Manthena Damodara Chary. Poems published were Mother Earth and Peace. 6. Symphony of souls An Anthology by Manthena Damodara Chary. Poems published were Soulful memory, and Love you ma ( mother ). 7. Tranquil Muse An Anthology of poems. Edited by Gopichand Parchuri and P. Nagasushila. Her poem was Crescent Moon. 8. Medley of melodies An Anthology -A florilegium of poems Her poem was Love is Life's Linchpin. 9. Shapes of love A pictorial Anthology of love and poetry ( coffee table book ) By Shri K. C. Sethi and Sunita ji. Her most favourite poem was published: Silence passion speaks a thousand words 10. The spirit of India - An Anthology of patriotic poems By Manthena Damodara Chary - Vishwa Bhartiya publications in which her poem Patriotism was accepted.

Dr, Mirii Miryam

Senior Administrator/PRO

Dr. Mirii Miryam is an Assistant Medical Doctor and a Senior Administrator and PRO in the How to Write for Success Literary Network.. She is a co-author in four best-selling Anthologies spear-headed by the Founder of How to Write for Success, Author Brenda Mohammed. They are A Spark of Hope Volume 2: A Treasury of Poems for Saving Lives from Suicide, and Break the Silence, An Anthology Against Domestic Violence. Mirii won several literary awards.among which are: .Government of Peru for Excellence in Literature 2020 .World Poetic star –WNWU 2019 Diploma Literature Academy ---Romania 2020 Diploma Literary Ambassador ..Romania 2020. Mirii recently published a poetry book, A FLASH OF DREAMS.

Shanita Vichare


Shanita Vichare is also known as Aneeta Chitale. Aneeta Chitale is a Post Graduate, in English Literature from Pune University and has made her career in Education. She loves working with children. Her debut novel is “Sojourn to Maldives.” and she has made her foray in the writing world, by penning her novel on international relations and adventure. She attained a B.A in Psychology and pursues her interest in working as a counselor with her group. n her free time, she does organic farming, listens to music, and travels. Aneeta is an avid reader and ardent poet at heart. She started writing poems since she was eleven years old. Many of her poems are published in International Journals. Nature has always fascinated her. She uses an eclectic style in her penmanship. Her poems have appeared in European Poetry anthology Year 2020, also kept in Denmark. Her poems have featured in many International Poetry Anthologies, her poem ‘Love’ from Sojourn to Maldives, her debut novel. has been featured in Silvery Books, Greece.

Debabrata Mohanty


Debabrata Mohanty is an Administrator in How to Write for Success Literary Network. He is a post- graduate in English Literature, with specialization in American literature. He qualified at the prestigious Ravenshaw University in Cuttack, Odisha, India. He then obtained his M. Phil degree in American literature from the Utkal University, and wrote his thesis on the major plays of Edward Albee. He was the former head and vice-principal of a premier college of the state, P N Autonomous college, Khorda. He also acted as controller of examinations of the college. Debabrata Mohanty was the president of the staff club and achieved recognition for his influencing speeches. Prof Mohanty is an excellent communicator and has trained many MBAs in the field of effective communication. He has a great passion for writing poems and is an award-winning and best-selling co-author in four anthologies.

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Sakina Shabbir Dossaji


Sakina S. Dossaji was born and raised in Mombasa, Kenya. She is currently residing in Tanga, Tanzania with her husband and 3 children. A teacher by profession, and a poetess by passion, she loves to write poetry, stories, articles, and conduct activity clubs for kids at ‘Kids Curiosity Club’. She is a privileged member of World Nations Writers' Union Kazakhstan and a member of the Alumni of North American Montessori.Centre. She acquired her literature skills at Aga Khan High School, Mombasa, and inherited skills mostly from her father whose passion lies in writing English song lyrics, poems, articles, and creating crossword puzzles. Her favourite pastime includes reading, creating motivational videos, writing poetry, playing word games like scrabble, Make-up art, listening to songs and making new friends. She received many global literary awards.. Sakina was also a recipient of the ‘Temirqazyq’ award for the best poet/writer of the world in 2018. The award holds much respect. In 2019 she was appointed as the President representing Tanzania for Union Hispanomundial De Escritores (UHE), Peru. She is co-author of Amazon No 1 Bestsellers, A Spark of Hope Volumes 1 and 2, Anthologies for Saving Lives and Break the Silence: An Anthology against Domestic Violence. She has been featured in many other anthologies, magazines, and newspapers. Thus, Sakina holds a very vital part in contributing qualitative literary practices around the world.

Timothy DiVito


Timothy DiVito has been a poet for 44 years. He hails from Pittsburgh PA (USA). He has published several of his poems in The San Fernando Poetry Journal, The Rag Mag, Cultural Reverence, WYRD, The World Poetry Anthology, and Kiiroo (e-magazine). He is a member of Facebook, WordPress, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, and Ko-Fi. Timothy is in the process of having a poetry book published on Amazon entitled "Poetic Passion." Many of his poetry narrations are on YouTube.

Soma Bhowmik


Soma Bhowmik is attached to the creative world as an artist. Her subject is oil painting on Canvas. She is an actress. She is an educationist running her own Montessori school "New Era Kids”. Above all, she is a lady with a golden heart which gets reflected in her writings as a poet and as a storyteller. Through DMIT Counselling she gives a platform for better understanding to the parents and their children. It also helps the students in taking decisions in choosing their career in the field of their choice and talent.

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo


Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo is a multi-awarded international author, and poet from the Philippines. She is the author of "Inner Reflections of the Muse" (USA) and "Seasons of Emotions" (UK) and a co-author to more than 100 international anthologies in the USA, Canada, UK, Romania, Africa, Belgium, France, Japan, China, Albania, India, Iraq, the Philippines, Poland, Argentina, and Ecuador. Her works were already translated into 12 languages. Elizabeth graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, a major in Management, and another course in Computer Programming. She is currently studying International Humanitarian Law at the University of Leiden based in the Netherlands. She is the Ambassador of Peace and Goodwill to the Philippines of the Naciones Unidas de las Letras Uniletras and Semillas de Juventud Argentina and was appointed Cultural Ambassador to the Philippines of Inner Child Press International, and the Peace Ambassador/International Consultant and Adviser of the Youth Crisis Awareness and Peace Forum, as well as President Adjunto to the Philippines of Real-Izar LA Paz in Argentina. She has garnered numerous awards such as Second Place, Best Author of the Destiny to Write Publications in the UK along with her book, "Seasons of Emotions" as Second Place for Best Book of the Year in 2013, among others. Elizabeth is also a D. Lit. (Doctor of Literature) Nominee last 2019. She is currently a Freelance Professional Writer/English Instructor/Speaker and also does judging stints in literary festivals and writers conferences both locally and internationally.

Sarah Ramphal


Sarah Rachel Ramphal is from the beautiful island of Trinidad & Tobago. A dedicated wife and mother to two beautiful children, she was an assistant preschool teacher for the past ten years until covid. She is now a full-time stay-at-home mom. She started writing approximately four years ago and it has been her passion since. She loves nature and roses. Her poetry can be found in several anthologies to name a few Literoma magazine ( based in India) Poets unify the world, Peace and Love Inkers (PLIS) Dps ezine magazine, Dancing with Death, and Spotlight ( Poetry Planet). She aspires to publish her own book one day and wishes to continue inspiring others through her writings.

Shahid Abbas


Author Shahid Abbas is a poet and writer. He is from Tandlianwala, Faisalabad, Pakistan. He completed a Government degree course in College Tandlianwala, and also at GC University, Faisalabad, from where he attained a MA degree in English literature. He began writing poetry at nineteen years old. He is presently working as an English Teacher. He has received many writing awards from International writing organizations. His poetry was translated into several different languages and has been published in many international books. Some of his stories have been published in international newspapers. Shahid is the author of " Words From Nature." He also co-authored a haiku book, "We Speak In Syllables."

Bogdana Găgeanu

Administrator/Poetry Narrator

Bogdana Găgeanu is a prolific poet, actor and narrator. She has acted in a play she wrote herself, ‘Do it for me’ in her hometown in Romania. Her poems have been published in many International Magazines, news articles, and Anthologies, and she has appeared on many radio shows. Bogdana was interviewed by many reputable Literary bloggers and organisations, and was coordinator of the first International Congress of Poets, organised by Lenuș Lungu. Bogdana has a beautiful voice and is an outstanding narrator.