Mala Naidoo
Chief Administrator

Mala Naidoo is an award--winning Australian thriller fiction writer, and best-selling co-author. She is a Chief Administrator in the How to Write for Success Literary Network. She was a co-author in two bestselling Anthologies initiated by the Forum's Founder. They are A Spark of Hope Volume II: A Treasury of Poems for Saving Lives, and Break the Silence: An Anthology Against Domestic Violence, which both topped the charts on Amazon and climbed to No 1 Bestsellers. She runs her website Mala Naidoo’s Book World with a newsletter sign-up for sample compositions, giveaways, and blog posts on writing and books. Mala has worked as an English teacher in South Africa and Australia. She was head of three English faculties and is currently a part-time teacher and university advisor. Mala runs writing workshops for high schools on request. She upholds and supports All Lives Matter. Her mission statement is: In our angst and joy we are one under the sky of humanity. .