Marketing trends for 2019. Start marketing your book before it is published. Successful authors market their books before they are written. (This is something I have always done).

According to Steven Spatz of Bookbaby. “During our last Self Publishing Survey, we asked top-selling authors to share some of their secrets to success,” Spatz said. “One of the most important findings: Over 80% of these successful authors started marketing their books before they began writing. Their mindset of “Promote then Publish” is spreading through the self-publishing community.”

Pre-orders are essential. “Authors who do pre-orders earn more sales, and those that don’t are squandering their potential! This is an essential best practice that 80% of indie authors haven’t yet implemented,” according to Mark Coker at Smashwords.

Early marketing and pre-orders give you a head start and in terms of best practice place you in the top 20% of authors. This is something we can all implement to increase our prospect of sales.

Hannah Howe My strategy is to prepare my book cover early, sometimes a year before publication. During that year I will mention my new book occasionally on social media and my website. Three months before publication I place the book on pre-order through all the major outlets. During the three months Amazon will send out emails to people who have read my books, New From Hannah Howe. Some of my readers will pre-order my new book immediately and over the three months on most days I will receive orders. During the pre-order period I mention the book a lot on social media, usually by providing background on the story and examples of my research. Once the book is published I rarely mention it on social media. Instead I use book promoters and move on to mentioning my next book on social media. Because relatively few authors use the pre-order method it is fairly easy to get your book into the top 100 Hot New Releases in your genre, maybe top ten or number one. This offers good promotional material for your book and raises the visibility of your book. While I’m promoting my other books readers will notice the pre-order title and many will click buy. As Rachael says, the larger your reader base the more effective the pre-order strategy becomes. With each new book my pre-order sales multiply, sometimes by fifty percent. On certain days my pre-order book can be my personal bestseller. I believe it’s important to view promoting as a continuous cycle. It’s difficult to create momentum if you stop-start. I aim to publish three books this year so through the continuous cycle method I will always have a new book available. On a regular basis, Amazon will be sending out emails mentioning my books. My pre-order titles should secure good chart positions. My books will maintain their visibility Consistency and visibility are the keys to success. Placing your book on pre-order alone won’t produce a winning strategy. But if you combine pre-orders with a consistent promotional plan you will see a significant sales increase.