01 Jul

"For You"

You adore me, I adore you

Your aspiration has been fulfilled,

Come and be part of me

Your tears and your pain

I would not let them blemish your face.

One day you will blush and bow your head,

Let me come to see your face...

Let me inhale your gifts,

So that I can breathe.

You will have to look,

You are loved, O! my beloved

Do not cry for I will take care of you,

Clasp my hand, look into my longing eyes,

Do not fear, and allow me to cherish,

The depth of your innocence

To make us a duo...

A magical duet, in tune with life,

One solemn vow, to make you mine, and me yours,

Dear darling lay your head in the comfort of my arms,

Where I'll show you peace and shower you with love

©® Shahid Abbas


Shahid Abbas is a poet and writer, he was born in a village 421GB, Tandlianwala Faisalabad Pakistan. He studied first at the government degree college in Tandliwala and also at GC University Faisalabad from where he attained a MA degree in English literature. He has worked as a teacher. Shahid began writing poetry when he was nineteen-years-old. He has received many writing awards from on line writing organisations. Shahid’s poetry has been published in many international books also his stories in an international newspaper. At the present time, he is working on completing his own book.

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