01 Jul



Love isn't just an orange

Rather more of a courage

Orange is sucked in minutes

Love is prepared as minutes

That's read out for everyone

Not just an affair of only one

Don't promise me a gold stone

Knowing it won't be a milestone

With our almost same height

We can both make things right

Even with your ripe orange

It can snowball into marriage

Meanwhile orange isn't solution

But love for serious introduction

Culminating into marital bliss

That will foster unending kiss

For a wonderful procreation

As ordained in divine creation

© Princestelek



Prince Steve Oyebode , married, a law enforcement agent, forensic and correctional Psychologist, astute criminal Investigator , diplomat , Poet and Writer.

Born in Osogbo, the capital of Osun state, Nigeria to the family of Oyebode Royal Dynasty, the present day Olokuku of Okuku, Okuku, the headquarters of Odo Otin local government, Osun state, Nigeria. He studied Microbiology from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife , Osun state before he later bagged Masters of Science in Legal, Criminology and Security Psychology from the premier University of Ibadan, Oyo state , Nigeria. He is a graduate member of Nigeria Institute of Management and so also a senior member of Chartered Institute of public Diplomacy and Management.

He had core sciences as academic background ( physics , chemistry and biology ) but his natural prowess in the field of Art and literature propelled him to become a renowned poet of note who writes and inspires people all over the world with his poetic and literary works on a daily basis. He has written many poems and articles at different groups and platforms. He has received certificates endorsing his poetry proficiency and dexterity from different groups. He writes and shares his poems with Motivational strips, how to write for success, poetic group POEMarium, World nation writers' union, world foundation for peace, world literary academy, world union of poets London, World Literary forum for peace and human rights, Inked with Magic, Konnect E-zine, Asian literary Society, English poets etc. His works have received both local, national and international accolades . His poems have been published in some Anthologies and also published in the blog section of Asian literary Society official website. He recently received a premium membership of the Motivational strips and also currently member of World Nation Union of Writers , a moderate at the Motivational strips , Chief administrator of Inked with Magic poetic group.

Prince Steve Oyebode is a chapter president of Apostles of peace International ( Osogbo, Osun state Chapter ) ,a Christian Philanthropists groups who have peace as their center focus and who reaches out to those in need from time to time.

His career endeavours premised on these areas; Investigative psychology and Criminal law, Security Behaviour and Crime control , Intelligence and Information gathering, Conflict resolution with Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanism, Psychology of policing and law enforcement, Crime scene Investigation, Litigation support, Searching and examining physical traces , Examining contact trace materials associated with crime and so on.

His life anchored on how to make the world a better place. He believes in making people happy through kindness of different forms.

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