07 Jul


With you has gone the sweet spring,

Wintry ice has trapped my whole being.

Since no more I am your dream king,

Life for me has lost its real meaning.

Tell me now sweety, how can I sing?

With a broken lyre with snapped string,

Amidst gloom in agony, yet l try to sing-

Those sweet songs once you taught me.

But the sentry of heart in sheer agony

Refuses to open the door of your memory.

Tell me sweetheart just once, tell me how

With broken heart how can I sing now?

Copyright © Sahjahan Ali Ahmed

Short Bio Profile: 

Sahjahan Ali Ahmed M.A, B.Ed, an Assistant Professor of English, has been teaching at Barpeta Girls' College, Assam, India for the last 25 years .

He's  an ardent lover of English , Assamese and Bengali literatures , specially Poetry and Short Stories. 

His writings have been featured in more than 24 International Anthologies published from India and abroad .

Oodles of his reviews and translations have also been published on Facebook wall already. 

He has been able to win innumerable poetry contests and received many Local/National/International Recognitions for his writings. 

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