05 Jul


When two hearts beat as one

I never believed its possible.

I never saw it coming.

Then I found myself in your arms.

I quizzed and wondered why.

It became obvious, am in love.

I found love written all over you

In your eyes, words, smiles, aura.

Your silence communicates it too.

Swept under this sway, I yield gladly.

I will take you everywhere I go.

Take my hands, and never let go.

For I had fallen for many,

But I choose to stand with you.

You are my one and only.

Let us grow old together.

Let us raise our kids together.

Let only death separate us in this life.

Out fate has become intertwined.

Our lives have become inseparable.

You are mine, as I  am yours.

Sing it aloud.

May heaven bear witness.

That mortals can thus love.

You have become my strong pillar.

You have graced my life with joy.

Seeing your face gives me peace.

By L. S. Onyah

All Copy Rights Strictly Reserved


Lucky Stephen Onyah is a  Lagosian by birth, and whose parents hail from Delta State, Nigeria. 

In addition to his many academic certificates, he is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Biblical Studies BearValley Masters' Extension Program, Accra Ghana) 

He hopes to impart his life's work to the world.

He is an ardent student who keep learning and seeking ways to express garnered knowledge. 

Stephen  currently teaches Mathematics in a Senior High School (Genii College,Badagry Lagos, where he is also the School's Principal, and English Language in (World English Institute-An online platform based in USA) 

He was once a Koine Greek instructor(South-West School of Evangelism in Ibadan,Nigeria as visiting instructor].

A public and Motivational Speaker Stephen ventured into writing early, and evolved in the art to impart upon the world  his creative pen. 

 His poems can be seen in anthologies, International e-zines and has received several awards .

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