21 Jan

Adieus Farhana Sait  

Sailing on angel’s wings 

Our dearest Farhana Sait 

Exit our world to yonder 

How it aches all & sundry 

For she’s gone too soon 

Her love for apt literature 

Is one that inspires many 

Our world and the Indians 

Would miss her so much 

For she was made of more 

Yet we will cherish her craft 

And glean from her writings 

Reliving her joys and hopes

 Her wisdom and instruction 

See you adorable sister mine 

Our hope crossed here/there 

So will our paths cross again 

Farewell gracious Farhana Sait 

May all bereaved take solace 

For death is a gateway to life  

By Lucky Stephen Onyah           18-01-2023Enter


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