01 Jun


As the fragrance of the jasmine flowers-

spreads through the night!

And reaches the zenith ....

Seated on the sandy, pebbly river shore,

beside a broken boat house!

Through the bluey nights,

She waits.

When the moon rises above the horizon!

And the moonlight spreads.

And when the jasmine flowers bloom!

She rises up from her cold bed-

and walks past the village cemetery,

and then sits on the sandy pebbly shore!

As the river banks echoes-

with a lonely boat song!

And as tiny stars blink down!

Clad in her white robes-

and her silent silvery anklets,

She waits

And then,

from the thin horizon-

through slight, fading country light!

a boat with a single mast-

can be seen.

And the slight resonance

of a broken love song can be heard!

Through cold, wet blowing wind!

As she waits and waits and waits....

Through bluey nights!

Copyright Ashok Nair

Bio of Ashok Nair

 Ashok Nair hails from India, Kerala (state), Trivandrum City. He is a Civil engineer by profession and writing is his passion.

Ever since he joined Facebook almost five years ago, he has been writing poems on varied subjects like Love, philosophy, mythology, war, peace, motherhood, gender, childhood. etc.

He has published a book titled "A Journey into oblivion" which houses some of his best poems like "Fate of a poem", "A mother’s sleep", "The City", "Carthage", "Savanna," and many more,

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