15 Sep

I am sharing an article written by one of our Chief Administrators, Farhana Sait, in the Second Issue of the How to Write for Success Literary Magazine.

She has written a motivational article for readers. 

"The word "depression" sounds as if something is pulling one down. 

With the steady growth of comforts and luxuries, lifestyle is drastically changing. 

There is no movement physically thus the mental block. Mind is the master, and we dare to challenge this master by messing up with excitements and thrills which drag towards destruction.

 Sometimes we get involved in unnecessary endeavours. For example, we get into arguments with our spouse from early morning which builds up to a castle by evening 

This causes loss of sleep, and appetite. with multiple side effects like indigestion, headache and agitation. These are the beginning stages of depression. 

A moment of thought before arguing by pausing would have saved the whole situation. Speak when you have to, is the best policy. There is one more thing I would like to highlight and that is the tone of speech. 

The tougher you sound you are coined dominating. Use a polite version of your tone to explain matters. Relationships these days are highly demanding. 

These delicate threads make a strong impact on our lives. Use patience and tolerance. They contribute a lot to a peaceful life. Nothing is more important than our peace of mind. 

We must prioritize what we need to do. In simple words hold on as much as possible and let go what you don't have the space to bear. Never lose it and get confused. 

Balancing the mind is an amazing act that manages life’s journey. We have the tendency to fly off the handle when we feel burdened. 

Such action affects us most, not just mentally, but physically, as blood pressure rises, liver function slows down, kidneys become strained and the body system gets out of control. Everything is lost when health is lost. 

Ever wondered what is the point of achieving goals when there is no peace and health? Maintain balance in your life. Do not get hyper for small things. 

Keep calm and work at solving problems whether it is your business or job. Stress is a very common word these days. We have to fight stress with a smile and stay calm. 

For instance, driving in a busy city is a herculean task these days. I remember the smooth traffic following the road rules with less traffic of days gone by. Nowadays, I literally jump from my driving seat because of careless drivers. 

Thanks to my seatbelt. Should I talk about stress as we proceed with day to day activities, the list would not end. In a nutshell, stress is the biggest enemy of every human. 

You may diet, exercise and stay fit, yet when you get stressed, nothing works and your health deteriorate. 

Tackle with meditation, yoga and pamper yourself, because you are your best companion. Sleep is one of the best rewards for mankind. Deep sleep of 6 to 7 hours is a must to repair all your cells for the daily challenges. 

Practice slowly by putting away all gadgets aside before an hour of sleeping. We are all blessed with mechanisms for self-healing. 

Make the best of them. Enjoy your sleep and wake up to positivity. Technology has caused us to miss the fun of living. Prayer is the epitome of joy; you are a winner if you indulge in the habit of praying. 

What you can't share with anyone, you can share with the Almighty. You may weep, plead and ask for what you want. Be assured you will receive soon. 

There is a saying " when you spread your arms in prayer, then you will never spread your arms to ask from anyone”. This is beautiful and I admire the relationship with Almighty. 

Value yourself, nobody is superior and nobody is inferior. We are all equal. Respect yourself. Let the word depression be removed because life is beautiful. Live your life to the fullest. 

Ignore what does not matter, and don't make ordinary things powerful as they will suppress you. Keep moving, set goals, pray, practise and be happy. 

Celebrate life every day. 

Thank you ©️ Farhana Sait

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