26 Sep

Dr. Emmanuel Tende Nzengu of Congolese nationality (DRC), is an Administrator of How to Write for Success Literary Network. He is known under the pseudonym of ManuforGod, Doctor, poet, and slammer. Here is his poem on Confinement.


In social networks, circulates an infodemic, 

In the world is spreading a pandemic, 

Isn't life worth more than gold? 

So let's confine ourselves because the sars-cov is out.

 Is this a sign of the wrath of God? 

He who is merciful! Or a consequence of human curiosity?

 Which results in the appearance of a long-tailed RNA virus!

 Doctors are on the front line, To give us instructions, 

The men in the white coats, Spend sleepless nights. 

In the life gauge, the needle marks zero! 

Yet in the shadows our doctors are heroes, 

They play the role of actors, While we follow like the spectators!

 During confinement, soul mates, Become souls alone! 

This virus is bringing order, By creating disorder. 

It marks history, And will remain etched in our memories, 

It is very contagious, And dangerous in the elderly, 

Confinement is an open-air prison, 

Who upsets the laws of the universe! Is Covid-19 a Programmable Apocalypse?

 Or a simple damaging fact? 

manuforGod / copyright

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