02 Jun

Dancing Flames by Brian L Hayes

Like the flames that dance

Before my bedazzled eyes,

Seems I may only look

And not allowed to touch.

No man may possess

The sparkling beauty

Of a woman’s wild spirit,

Burning with a passion

In the forge of God.

Bright enough to blind you

Flames that will consume

Your very heart and soul,

Make you into a lantern

Have you burning like glowing coals.

Oh, how she dances to the Music of the Spheres,

Calling, ever calling

As she has throughout the years,

Baptize you with fire,

Cauterize your soul,

In her embrace, you will know,

Only Love can make you whole.

©®2020 Brian L Hayes

Brian Hayes is an environmental geologist living south of Raleigh, His favorite poets include Rumi, Hafez, Anne Sexton, and John Donne. His poems have been published in four anthologies, three in India and one in Pakistan. He is currently working on his first collection of poetry

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