01 Jun

DAUGHTERS Aabha Rosy Vatsa

As I look back on life and reflect

I have an abundance of memories all decked

One more scintillating than the other

Befitting a stately queen mother

How splendid the discovery of an arriving baby

Hunting the book stalls of CP for a knitting book may be

Making a collage of adorable babies

Dressing the pink lass in sweet laces

The first tender steps taken to walk

And the evening strolls in the pram in the park

The first day in KG school

A whole plethora of memories pool

The first board exam and the accompanying anxiety

The norms of a prim and proper society

The exclamations and jubilations of victory

Motherhood is an enigma, a mystery

The heart wrenching work of a college admission

Filling forms, completing submissions

The sheer pride on the convocation day

It made every effort such a wonderful pay

The reigning anxiety of a life companion

One who would love and be a true champion

The thrill of all festivities and rituals

A never ending colorful jubilation perpetual

Today her roles stand reversed

I am the infant and the toddler has progressed

Taking care of my every need

Carefully picking out every weed

My girls you are my greatest joy

No, I shall say it loud and won't be coy

My greatest asset in life under the Sun

The joy, laughter and fun is exceedingly fun

Aabha Rosy Vatsa is a Poet, Author an ex blogger and former teacher. She has published a Travelogue, a short story collection and twelve books of Poetry. She has recently published her autobiography, ' THE GIFT OF LIFE'. A quintessential student of life, she is an optimist and a believer in Karma.

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