21 Jan

We cannot escape the fact that life involves the extremes of joy and sadness, laughter and tears, pleasure and suffering. 

Today we celebrate the life of such a beautiful person as Farhana Sait, Literary Ambassador of India for Suicide in the Forum, “How to Write for Success.” 

The joy in our lives is suddenly covered by sadness at her early passing and tears are washing away the laughter and pleasure.

Farhana has now left us with an enviable legacy and a life’s work that would be difficult to emulate

Every time I saw Farhana’s photo on the Literary Forum, I was taken by her physical beauty. 

We just knew her through the marvellous poems and quotes she wrote on the Forum, but she soon entered into our hearts and became a part of us.

Sir Walter Scott has written, “Death-the last sleep? No-the final awakening.”This is a journey we all must take and each must go alone. 

It is all part of the Master’s plan, It is a step on the road to home.

I am sure Farhana is saying, “Miss me, but let me go.

”She is at home with the Lord, but her departure from this life has filled us with an enormous ache. I

It is consequently with feelings of profound sorrow and regret that we condole with the bereaved family, loved ones and friends.

May they be comforted with strength and faith and may she rest in peace in the heavenly kingdom.

@Florabelle Lutchman 

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