18 Sep

 Florabelle Lutchman is one of the Chief Administrators in the How to Write for Success Literary Forum. She has undertaken  responsibility for the sub-forum, - Literary Forum for Poems Against Domestic Violence.

Here is Florabelle’s message: 

“The Literary Forum for Poems against Domestic Violence is a sub-forum of the Literary Network - How to Write for Success, and the Founder is Mrs. Brenda Mohammed.

Domestic Violence is also known as domestic abuse that mainly takes place in a domestic setting.

Domestic Violence can take multiple forms. It can be directed not only to the spouse, but also children and elderly members of the family.

This Forum has been created to assist in discouraging or stopping Domestic Violence in its entirety. Domestic Violence is rampant in many countries especially since the pandemic and lockdown began.

It seems as if both husbands and wives cannot stand to be with one another all day and night. Children too are affected in one way or the other and some young children because of problems in the home are even committing suicide.

Many bread winners have lost their jobs and money is scarce for rent, bills and food. This causes more disharmony, anxiety, stress, anger and aggravation in the home and leads to quarrels and fights which may even lead to murder as we have seen in some cases.

 Some husbands even abandon their wives and children who eventually have to find accommodation by relatives, friends or find themselves living on the streets.

Domestic Violence is a serious effect of Covid19 apart from the actual illness. Therefore, we have asked members to write poems based on this theme of Domestic Violence. 

These poems should reflect hope to victims and show them a way out of their situation of anxiety, stress and fear. 

Being hit and kicked on a regular basis, having broken bones and staying in hospital especially at this time is no easy matter. 

This physical form of violence can be the worst. There are other forms like sexual, emotional and economic, of course.

We wish in our poems to show various ways of preventing domestic violence and generally offering a solution for it. 

Gender based Violence must stop. Spouses have to realize that in no uncertain terms.

We want victims to know the abuse is not any fault of theirs and we point out the many ways they can seek help.

 It is also no failure on their part if they wish to leave the relationship. 

It is better to leave than stay and be constantly abused. We hope our poems will be of great help to victims.


Are you aware that Domestic Violence exists in your home or community?

We can do something about it.

We can try to teach others to respect humanity,

Show respect for the spouse and the children.

Do not harm your character by abusing your supposedly loved one

Physically, emotionally or mentally.

Show one another LOVE.

That is the miracle healer.

Communication and compassion are also keys to a good relationship.

Do not lose the keys.

You will be in serious trouble if you do.

The blows may start, sadness, depression and grief.

The knife or blades will appear.

The gun may suddenly find itself near,

And you will be lying dead,

Just over a quarrel with your mouth opening loud and fierce.

Save yourself.

 Reduce the tone of your voice.

Let sweet words flow whether you truly mean them or not,

And your life would be saved from suffering and eventual death.”

I want to take this opportunity to thank the 91 international poets who participated in the BREAK THE SILENCE ANTHOLOGY FOR POEMS AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, in June 2021. The book attained a No 1 Bestseller rank on Amazon and we congratulate each of you.

Florabelle Lutchman

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