21 Sep

Dr. Vandita Dharni, Chief Administrator of How to Write for Success Literary Network,  wrote two lovely poems for the How to Write for Success Literary Magazine - Second issue.

Vandita is an excellent narrator and won the award in June 2021 for Top Narrator of the month, in the Forum. 

Here are the poems she wrote:

                                     THE LOVE AFFAIR   

  My memory train chugs, puffing out a clear day, 

Its silken strands – cerulean blue and salmon hued

 slither into my consciousness unbolting my caged dreams. 

My splintered freedom breathes at last through valves of hope and certainty. 

Time’s winkles filigreed on its metal frame weave a montage of images, 

life’s cruel game- Scrunched paper balls, masks, 

Amazon deliveries, reprogrammed work schedules, 

the online drudgery are now uninstalled from my memory.

 Surrogacy has burst its waters, drifting me  from braided metal bars into open sky. 

The blustery wind caresses my longings Its feathery fingers

 spooning mouthfuls of splattered lush green valleys, carmine

 buds and wrinkled peaks carpeted with fresh snow. 

Skeleton boughs erupt with dawn’s murmur, 

Scented damask roses and jasmine waft through my olfactory senses- 

and I breathe in their intoxicating perfume. 

My city melts its hostility and breathes too draping its sensuousness with air curtains 

I am swept in its strong gust - swishing, swirling, susurrating through the silence of leaves, 

misty window panes and dregs of despair. 

I breathe in the fragrances of blossoming trails the fire crackling up a lively chatter 

the mellowness of coffee brewing in a neighbour’s house. 

the petrichor that languorously creeps into my sinuses, 

I revive them all and the love affair continues. 

                                      A NEW DAWN

 Lungs of my cityscape inhale tender yearnings of a new dawn fluttering on wings. 

Smoke rings round her blue veined fingers vanish into the ghostly night. 

The tree in my farmhouse ruffles its emerald flags silhouetting the baya weaver’s nest. 

Dulcet melodies orbit the amaltas wafted by the breath of Spring. 

Feathery fingers levitate my spirits, interlocking them in its embrace. 

I breathe ‘Amen!’ - rebooting my world salvaging it from the hollow dankness of gloom.

 I delete plastic smiles, unlock the password to freedom flying grey pigeons through open dormer roofs.

 I paste my tangerine sun back in the sky, filtering the unchained particles of happiness. 

No stocking up supplies nor bitter pills dunked 

No oxygen concentrators to be the only lifeline 

Sidewalks bustle with enthusiasm now 

Buses filling up hordes of scurrying passengers 

What separated them, binds them now in molecules of its billowing embrace. 

The air flutters into butterflies, to dusk, to cotton clouds to men that vanish to dust 

but momentarily only to be breathed back to life again,


@Vandita Dharni 


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