20 Apr
It was indeed a pleasure to interview another one of the Administrators of How to Write for Success,
Farhana Sait was an Assistant Editor in two best-selling Anthologies produced by HTWFS.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I was born and raised in Ooty though my roots are from Kutch, Gujarat.
I did my education in Ooty, a beautiful hill station with the best schools in British culture.
I was married to a film producer who had very high values for art and literature.
His movies were of the best in the country and earned many precious accolades globally.
I always admired him but never wrote anything while he was alive,
I seriously don't know why.
We are a close-knit family and my son is my motivation for whatever I am today.
I am a businesswoman running a school and two restaurants with my son.
We have three trusts and a college too.

How did you get started on your writing journey?

I never knew I would write because my qualification is MBA in Finance.
To be honest, my writing is my passion which was hidden in diaries and the last pages of my account books.
One day my son read my writings and persuaded me to take it further.
I remember posting on my timeline on Facebook and a writer named Santosh Mathews, a great writer, encouraged me to write,
I was reluctant and then Mrs.Bhina Pillai, another great poetess insisted I add my writings to her groups and platforms.
From then on I started to write.

•Are there any poets or writers who influenced you?

Yes, a lot of them.
My favourite author is Brian l Weiss.
I love the way he leads the flow of subject in his books, especially in Many Lives,Many Masters.
This book changed my life.

Are you a member of any Literature Forums and how have they influenced you?

I am a member of many groups and I appreciate the output of information from every group.
Yet there are certain groups that are close to my heart and I feel an emotional connection with them.
Motivational Strips is highly motivating as the name goes with a strong Founder who personally attends to all the micro issues and I feel very comfortable posting my write-ups on the Forum.
I was appointed as an Administrator of How To Write For Success Literary Forum by the Founder Brenda Mohammed.
At How to Write for Success we aim to spread Literary talent throughout the world.
We have three sub-groups - Poems For Suicide Prevention, Poems Against Domestic Violence, and Library of How to Write for Success.
The Forum has produced three Anthologies that topped the charts of Amazon and became Amazon bestsellers No 1.
I am a co-author in all three as follows:
A Spark of Hope: A Treasury of Poems to prevent Suicide Volume 1
A Spark of Hope: A Treasury of Poems to prevent Suicide Volume 2
Break the Silence: An Anthology Against Domestic Violence.
I love the solidarity of literature all over which influences me to write.

Do you have plans to write a novel or a new book?

My book on depression is on the way.
I have been working on this for some time.
I am not in a hurry to publish.
My poems and write-ups are published on many anthologies.

Where did inspiration for your planned novel come from?

Inspiration is a big word for me and my inspiration is my son who plays the role of my best friend, mentor, my mom, and my guide.
I would not have published anything if he did not encourage me.
Thanks to my yabu.

 Who do you think would like your story and what kind of readership are you aiming for?

My story would be a lesson for all, especially youngsters.
There is a saying " you learn through your mistakes",
I want to change the saying "learn through the mistakes of others".
I have a major collection of quotes which are guidelines at a glimpse.
I receive many direct messages thanking me for my quotes.
I feel very happy when people appreciate my writings stating that they changed their lives and they were able to handle situations by reading the quotes.

What is the message you will be trying to get across in your book?

I have a strong feeling that humans need support from humans.
I would like to tell the world to love, encourage, support and be compassionate with each other.
I personally want to stop suicides.
I cannot do it alone, hence I would request the world through my book.

What is your writing process like?

I enjoy poetry in various genres.
The reality of life portrayed in an attractive manner, be it prose or poetry would reach all.
In a nutshell, I write everything according to the situation.

• How do you go about editing your work?

I assisted in editing the books A Spark Of Hope part one and part two.
I would get deeper into the details of every line.
For me, grammar is very important.
Moreover, I believe all are busy and we should make things short and sweet.
I make it crisp, to the point, and not to jeopardize the subject.

Is there something about the writing process you wish someone had told you before? Good or bad?

I thank my Almighty that nobody has pointed out anything bad about my writing so far.
I am highly fortunate to receive genuine appreciation from prominent personalities like sir Shiju.H.Pallithazeth, Mrs. Brenda Mohammed, Mr.Mandena Damodhar, Mr. Pradeep Banerjee, and many more.
I thank the title given to me by Telangana, namely "CHARMING POETESS OF INDIA" and an award from Arpita Foundation for women empowerment "ATAL BIHARI VAJPAYEE MEMORIAL AWARD",, as well as the certificates from other Facebook groups whichI consider very precious achievements of my life.

Do you have any advice for writers?

I would advise against Plagiarism.
Writing is a beautiful opportunity to expose yourself.
Let us not bring in violence and religious disputes here.
I would request not to misuse the power of the pen.

 What are your social accounts if people want to connect with you?

My writing handles are on following portals

I am on google #tipsfrommytable,

Instagram Farhana_sait

Facebook Farhana Sait chennai

Email id


Farhana Sait is the holder of a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.
She is a training and development officer, an entrepreneur, a freelance editor in her local newspaper, and a writer.
Farhana is a gold categorized member of Motivational Strips, the world’s most active writers Forum, and an Administrator in How to Write for Success Literary Forum.
She is a co-author in the following three Amazon No 1 bestselling anthologies produced by the How to Write for Success Forum and was Assistant Editor in A Spark of Hope Volumes one and two.
A Spark of Hope: A Treasury of Poems to prevent Suicide Volume 1
A Spark of Hope: A Treasury of Poems to prevent Suicide Volume 2
Break the Silence: An Anthology Against Domestic Violence.
Apart from writing, cooking is another one of her passions and she runs two restaurants,
Although she received many accolades, the best one for her is being a happy mother, sister, and aunt, and she gives all praise and thanks to the Almighty. her son, two strong sisters, nieces, and nephews.
Farhana's wish is to see a world without pain, especially single women whom she wants to see become stronger and handle life with care.

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