08 Oct

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We congratulate Chief Administrator Florabelle Lutchman on the publication of her debut Poetry Book - FEELINGS: POETRY THAT APPEALS. 

Here is the Book Description: 

This beautiful book of poetry titled FEELINGS: POETRY THAT APPEALS, written by prolific poet Florabelle Lutchman is filled with content that will appeal to the heart of every poetry reader.

 The poet’s writing style and expression of her thoughts on almost every subject are heart-warming. 

As a former school principal, she is versed in every aspect of life, and her poems are filled with emotions about all matters that are dear to her heart.

 Florabelle Lutchman is the holder of many literary awards. 

She won the Principal of the Year Award before her retirement.

 FEELINGS: POETRY THAT APPEALS is the third book she has written. 

She is also the author of the recently published book, ‘A Husband Like Mine,’ and ‘Memories of a Teenager,’ a starter book, for which she received an award from the National Library and Information System Authority of Trinidad and Tobago. 

She is also a co-author and editor of four bestselling anthologies. Poetry lovers will enjoy this delightful poetry book

. The Book is avaulable on Amazon at the folowing links: AMAZON US Paperback




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