31 Jul

Author Lilian Woo won the five-star poet of the month contest in How to Write for Success Literary Forum with her winning poem PROCRASTINATION

Here is the poem followed by her biography.


Tomorrow is always a dreamer's paradise

A dream without action will not materialize

Tomorrow is not an excuse for today's inaction

Results come from taking immediate action

Procrastination is a source of failure in life

Time waits for no one, tolerates no strife

Like a river, it flows without return

There is so much we need to learn

Take a step towards the right direction

The righteous path enhances assertion

Get things done at a reasonable pace

Focus on what matters, that shines your face

Determination plays an important role

To succeed and achieve your goal

Precious time wasted causes hindrance

You must propel forward with confidence

Concentrate on what you are pursuing

Don't put off, by procrastinating

Try your best to fulfill your life's purpose

And complete the journey you wisely chose.

© Lilian Woo

All Copyrights Reserved



Author Lilian Woo is the Chief Administrator with Motivational Strips and heads the team of Moderators and Administrators handling and supporting writers from Far East countries. She is in the senior management of Motivational Strips.

Author Lilian Woo is a Malaysian Chinese residing in Malaysia. She is a retiree and has developed the passion for writing three years ago. She loves nature, reading, writing and travelling. She also has a passion in cooking and baking as well.

She is the author of the poetry book ‘The Pearl Wonder’. She co-authored four

Anthologies, A Spark Of Hope, Volumes I & ll, Break The Silence, all compiled by Brenda Mohammed, and Crossroads compiled by Luzviminda Gabato Rivera for Motivational Strips, which are all Amazon Best sellers Rank 1.

She is a prolific poetess having accumulated several accolades for her soulful writing internationally. Her poems have been published in several International Anthologies and prestigious journals. She writes frequently for Motivational Strips and all its affiliated forums.


She is the Chief Administrator with Motivational Strip, supporting writers from Far East countries.

Nominated and entitled as H.E. Ambassador General of National Peace Unison (India), International 2019; and

Nominated as the National President in Union Hispanomundial De Escritores (UHE), for Malaysia, July 2020. UHE is an Associate of Motivational Strips.


She has won some of the world’s toughest poetry competition such as the prestigious Bold Gold Pen International Award 2018, after having contested with poets from eighty four nations and the World’s Literary Pearl (Gold) International Award 2018, after having contested with poets from over one hundred nations, and evaluated by a global team of evaluators. Both awards were conferred by Motivational Strips, the world’s most active writers’ forum.

She is also the recipient of the following awards:-

Diploma in Literary Excellence 2018;

World’s most coveted medal, Ambassador De Literature Award 2019;

Advanced Diploma In Literary Excellence 2019;

Order of Shakespeare Medal 2020;

all honoured by MOTIVATIONAL STRIPS;

The distinguished Temirqazyq Diploma Award 2018;

The World Laureate Literature Award 2018;

The World Poetic Star Award 2019;

The distinguished Temirqazyq Diploma of 1st Level Award, the Best Poet- Writer of the World – 2019;


The Star Bard International Award 2018 bestowed by Asian Literary Society;

The Golden Pen Award 2019 honoured by UBI, United by Ink;

Honoured Poets Of Malaysia Award 2019

bestowed by the Seychelles Government backed literary society ‘Lasosyasyon Lar San Frontyer (LLSF)’ as a tribute to Malaysia’s 62nd Independence;

World Award for Literary Excellence 2019-20 from Government of Peru in joint association with Union Hispanomundial De Escritores, Motivational Strips and World Nations Writers Union;

Lilian has also won numerous Platinum and Gold Awards in several online forums.

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