22 Sep

Mirii Miryam is a Senior Administrator and PRO for the How to Write for Success Literary Network.

She shared a poem from her debut poetry book, FLASH OF DREAMS in the Second Issuue  of the How to Write for Success Literary Magazine..


I like to believe it 

Sometimes you think of me as I do, 

Sometimes you must even feel that when you are with me.

I always feel alone, 

Why do I feel that way? 

The desire I have belongs to you 

and The time that divides us sometimes becomes a torment.

 Sometimes you may miss me at night, 

But I belong in a dream, 

But if nothing happens, 

Why can’t you? 

I like to believe that someday 

 I’ll look into your eyes, and find a little bit of me. 

Thus, will understand the place you occupy  

and how immense you are.

 I like to believe that one day you will really see men for what they are, 

with defects and strengths, 

And with the desire to hug me, 

you hold me tightly looking at me  

with the eyes and soul of someone who loves me a little. 

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