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Life in its manifold hues unfolds many layered experiences, steeped in a gamut of emotions. 

They are triggered by external factors like wars, animosity and environmental degradation. 

Peace almost seems an unattainable goal yet it flows into tributaries of love, and humanity to carve a better world. 

Peace is the destination that brings hope to a world that does not want to compromise with sustainability and where complacence has no place.

‘Creating A Better World’ is an anthology of sensitive and gifted poets who raised their voices for the cause of peace, humanity and sustainability.

Brenda Mohammed and Anganie Ramsaroop, have painstakingly sifted, edited and compiled the poems. In this treasure trove, peace resonates in the core of the poets’ consciousness where their poems are sculpted. 

Words can either wound or heal however poetry heals and purges the soul of a poet.

Trinidadian Author, Brenda Mohammed, the Founder of the prominent Facebook group, ‘How to Write for Success Literary Network’ has very profoundly highlighted the pollutants of the world like crime, abuse and environmental pollution that sow selfishness and animosity in impressionable minds. 

She also goes on to reiterate that

:‘Removing these pollutants should be our ultimate goal

in our aim to creating a better world.

Change must begin with each of us.I

t begins deep inside us, in our hearts.'

Florabelle Lutchman, Chief Literary Ambassador – Trinidad and Tobago, completely endorses the fact that peace is imperative and must never be compromised with:

‘Peace must be attained by all

So no one will engender a fall.

Cruelty, hate and anger need to be eradicated completely

So we can all live a life of peace and tranquillity’.

Timothy Di Vito, Literary Ambassador - USA, prefers to present a more optimistic approach to the problem

:‘each awn surely has a promising horizon,

by seeing hope in every single step you travel now,

journeys not taken, is destiny lost.'

.Peace is a metaphorical bird with wings, 

is a truly vivid description by Dasharath Naik:‘

In quest of a peaceful shelter

With deep rooted strength

They are flapping wings

And heading in flock or pair.’

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo, a poet and Literary Ambassador - Philippines, believes in the therapeutic concept of love and humanity that heals and revives an anguished soul.

‘And let love cure the world

Authentic peace is within you.’

Another poet and Literary Ambassador - Nigeria, Lucky Steven Onyah, has presented his views incisively and says that art is the only recourse that an individual can take when he is at the brink of depression. 

It is the only true religion:

‘Politics, Sciences and the Arts

What's the greatest of them all

Politics conceal for reasons

Sciences explore for own glory

Yet Art persevere and preserve

Being true religion of humanity.’

Sajid Hussain employs similes and metaphors evocatively to portray peace:

‘Rainbows of peace flash like silver beams,

Soft as snow the concept of vitality of life.

’Annette Tarpley is of the view that what we teach our young ones will result in a better world.

‘Our young are vulnerable, their innocence raw and exposed.

Yet, they desire discipline and structure, this has been proposed.

As adults we are their mentors, it is our role to guide and teach.’

I would like to conclude with my own poem on the issue of wars and environmental degradation.

Time’s Metaphor

Time’s metaphor unfolds in numerous ways-

White horses drawing a carriage of chestnut trees moon-washed, 

squirrels unlocking nuts scurrying past a curtained reality

slipping stealthily into comatose through an open window of sky.

I see the smile of a child-a wavering illusion

 I think or is it a mirror reflecting my soul?

Boughs quivering to inhale molecules,

breathe oxygen in its dappled intensity,

Uncertain if the afterlife they claim to as palpable in its love and humanity,

These tender saplings one day will suck ducts of an azure sky,

Wars will end, deadly diseases dry reeling plagues will no longer find place in the hollow of His palm.

The sea will surge and swell in harmony to embrace and foretell a dead man’s truth that darkness dispels.

Fight the fury, a storm rages my comrades.

Yonder kites soar high interlock your cords and release into your hearts a newly sculpted peace.’

Dr. Vandita Dharni

BIO: Dr. Vandita Dharni is a published poet and hails from an eminent family of educationists. She currently resides in Chandigarh, India. 

She has earned many a distinction in the literary field, however in her academic pursuits she raised the bar by topping the University of Allahabad at the post-graduate level in English. Thereafter, she earned a Ph.D. degree in American Literature from the same university.

She has submitted articles, poems and short stories that have been published in journals such as Criterion, Ruminations, GNOSIS, HellBound Publishing House, Borderless journal, RIC journal and International e-zines like Immagine and Poessia, Synchronised Chaos, Guido Gozzano, Silver Birch Press, Raven Cage, SETU, Fasihi magazine, TSL Roseate Sonnets Anthology, Our Poetry Archive, Primer Antologia De Poetas Del Proyecto De Unamos Al Mundo Con La Poesia- Mexico, Poleart, Albania and Inner Child Press, U.S.A.

Her dream achieved fruition when she published three solo anthologies, Quintessential Outpourings, The Oyster of Love and Rippling Overtures. Her most recent book, An Alchemy of Musings is an Amazon bestseller among the hot new releases in 2022. She has contributed her poems to the Roseate Sonnet Anthology and Breathe Poetry anthology. 

She has co-authored and co- edited anthologies such as ‘The Ruddy Ravens, Cheshire Cats and Rusty Rats’ which was an Amazon bestseller.

She is the Chief Literary Ambassador for India in the How to Write for Success Literary Forum, and Chief Administrator in Payton’s Place for Poetry and Literary Criticism.

Vandita has been honoured with several international Literary awards including the Rabindranath Tagore Award.

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