19 Aug

Four Trinidad writers have been honoured by Gujarat Sahitya Academy, India’s Governmental Premier Institute in Literature, and Motivational Strips, the world’s most active writers’ forum with 7,300,000 visitors monthly.
Dr. Vishnu Pandya of Gujarat Sahitya Academy, and Shiju H Pallithazheth, Founder and President of the Literary Forum Motivational Strips, made the announcement on India’s Independence Day, 15th August 2020 via the Motivational Strips website,
and Facebook page
105 Indian writers and 245 international writers from 80 countries were honoured.
The four writers from Trinidad are:
1. Brenda Mohammed – multi-genre, award-winning, and bestselling author of 27 books, Founder of ‘How to Write for Success’ with 6200 plus members, and Regional Director- Operations, Motivational Strips.
Brenda is also a poet, and published and co-authored three Poetry Anthologies with international authors for the prevention of suicide and against domestic violence. A Spark of Hope 1 and II, and Break the Silence topped the charts of Amazon to become bestsellers No 1.
2.Florabelle Lutchman – Poet, Former School Principal, Principal of the year 1999, and an Administrator in the Literary Forum ‘How to Write for Success’.
3.Narendra Rajkumar – Poet, and former Administrator in the Literary Forum How to Write for Success.
4.Arjune Teeluck – Poet, Founder of the Literary group ‘Write’ with 5,900 members, and Administrator for Trinidad and Caribbean Literature in Motivational Strips Literary Forum.
It is a moment of pride for Trinidad and Tobago for these nationals to receive such prestigious honours..
They are thankful to both Dr. Vishnu Pandya and Shiju H. Pallithazheth for this recognition.

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