01 Jun

I KNOW YOU  by  Adeyemi Kehinde A. Oluwanishola

I knew you from the genesis of the chapter

I've been following the verses of your poems

They're absolutely unique to my taste

So sweet because I felt the aroma of your poem

Never did I know that your poems are delicious

I love every bit of it with its free flow of words

They're eyes catching and captivating

A sip will make you thirst for more

I saw life and hope blinking before you

Your tinted smile has spur my laugh

I danced in the realm of possibilities

Believing all is ever well with you

I knew you from the onset of the quest

You're tender at heart and ever ready to accommodate

To accommodate all that ever passed through your way

Is the simplicity of your kindness to humanity

I know you for who you are

So much that I can't deny

So do tell me what's in your mind

Remember not to hide a word under the roof of your tongue

I've always known your move

From the genesis of our walk

To be peaceful and loving

I love the simplicity of your style

© Adeyemi Kehinde A. Oluwanishola

Adeyemi Kehinde A. Oluwanishola is a prolific writer with distinction and is from Nigeria. He is a light bearer that beams the path of the voice of Africa in the wilderness. He is always striving to be the first among the best

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