12 Sep

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing our very own Founder of the How to Write for Success Literary Network, Brenda Mohammed.

She is a renowned, multi-award winning, and bestselling author who published 40 books to date.

The How to Write for Success Literary Network is a non-profit forum with sub-forums as follows:

1.How to Write for Success Literary Forum.

2. Poems for Prevention of Suicide Literary Forum.

3. Literary Forum for Poems Against Domestic Violence.

4.Library of How to Write for Success - BOOKS ONLY. 

5.Grupo Hispaniomundial De Escritores -UHE Trinidad and Tobago.

QUESTION: Hello Brenda. Managing five forums must be a Herculean task. Tell us how you manage five forums.

ANSWER: Shanita, we started off with just the How to Write for Success Literary Forum in February 2018, with a mission to spread Literary Talent Worldwide. 

At that time, we had four Administrators. 

In 2019, we were concerned with the number of suicides in the world, and decided to publish an anthology with poems to prevent suicide. 

Since it was our first attempt at an anthology we kept it low-keyed.

Poets from around the world participated in A Spark of Hope, The Kindle versions of the book were given free of charge, and the book achieved Amazon No 1 bestselling ranking within a couple of days. 

We kept the page we created to collect the poems and converted it into a sub-forum, - Poems for Prevention of Suicide Literary Forum.

In 2020, we published Part II of A Spark of Hope, and that too earned Amazon No 1 bestseller ranking. 

We have received several reports that those books helped to save lives.

The Covid pandemic started early 2020, and caused chaos in the lives of citizens all over the world. 

There was a rise in Domestic Violence and the Administration felt there was need for an anthology against Domestic Violence. Another sub-forum, - Literary Forum for Poems Against Domestic Violence was created for this purpose. 

Volumes One and Two of Break the Silence were published in 2020 and 2021. 

Again, the Kindle versions of the book were given free, and both volumes achieved Amazon No 1 bestseller rank.

With the success of How to Write for Success Literary Network and the growing membership, many members published books and we saw the need to establish the third sub-forum, Library of How to Write for Success - BOOKS ONLY.

The fourth sub-forum, Grupo Hispaniomundial De Escritores - UHE Trinidad and Tobago was formed because of my appointment as National President of UHE Trinidad and Tobago, by the President and Founder of Grupo Hispaniomundial De Escritores, Carlos Hugo Garrido Chalen.

Today, we have seventeen efficient persons who help with different aspects of the Administration of all the forums.

QUESTION: I am proud to be an Administrator in these successful forums, and I know of our many achievements. Can you tell us what else the Network does for its members?

ANSWER: As you know, Shanita, we regularly share valuable information on writing and publishing on our website at and in the GUIDES section of The Facebook forum.

We opened a YouTube channel at

The Administration accepts poetry narrations in MP 4 format to post in the channel.

We reward high-quality literature with certificates and awards in our monthly poetry contests, and on special occasions, such as Trinidad and Tobago’s Independence, and Anniversary of the forum. 

On 31st August 2021, 100 poets were honoured for the 59th Anniversary of the Independence of Trinidad and Tobago.

We publish a half-yearly magazine in March and September, and the kindle versions are free of charge.

QUESTION: When did you start writing?

ANSWER: I had two lucrative jobs in Banking and Insurance. 

I never planned on being a writer. 

However, God had other plans for me.

Cancer struck, and after I miraculously survived, I published my first book, I AM CANCER FREE. 

The book was a best seller and I never stopped writing.

QUESTION: You have published forty books. What genres do you write? Tell us about your books on HOW TO WRITE FOR SUCCESS.

ANSWER: My genres are memoirs, romance, science fiction, mysteries, psychological thrillers, children’s books, poetry, and self-help.

My first book on How to Write for Success was published on 1st December 2017, my birthday. 

It was my inspiration to establish the literary forum How to Write for Success and it became my brand name.

This bestselling book received a five-star review from Readers Favorite one month after it was published on December 2017.

In August 2019, it topped all the books in the Non-Fiction category of Connections Emagazine Readers' Choice awards and won the gold medal in the category non-fiction. 

It also placed second in all categories and won the silver medal. The merits of the book HOW TO WRITE FOR SUCCESS were featured in a review in the Ethiopian Herald Sunday Edition on February 16th, 2020. 

The book focuses on the essentials of writing a book to which readers will gravitate. 

New and aspiring authors will learn all about plotting, writing dialogue, narrative, and learn to become best-selling and award-winning authors.

HOW TO WRITE FOR SUCCESS VOLUME TWO was published in early August and deals with steps to self-publishing. 

A writer can save thousands of dollars by learning to self-publish. 

QUESTION: When do you get the time to write?

ANSWER: That’s a good question. Sometimes I wonder about that. 

When you love doing something, it becomes an addiction. Writing is my addiction, and every spare moment I get I am thinking up a story or poem, and writing them. 

I am always filled with ideas for books. 

Sometimes, after a conversation with a friend I get an idea.

QUESTION: Does that mean we can expect more books from you?

ANSWER: Definitely. I already have two more in the pipeline.

QUESTION: I know you have won many awards. 

Can you tell your readers about them?

ANSWER: I have won many literary awards in USA, Peru, Kazakhstan, Seychelles, Nigeria, India, Romania, Argentina, Morocco, Philippines, Hong Kong, Barcelona, and the UK for both myself and the HTWFS forum.

They are too numerous to mention here, but I will highlight a few.

In November 2018, I won two awards from Readers Favorite International for my science fiction book, ‘Zeeka Chronicles’ in the category Young Adult Thriller, and for my Memoir, ‘I am Cancer Free’ in the category Health and Fitness.

Three of my books won gold awards in Connection EMagazine Readers’ Choice Awards - Zeeka Chronicles (2018], Stories People Love (2019) and How to Write for Success (2019). 

2018 -World Laureate in Literature from World Nations Writers’ Union.

2018 - Certificate of Honour for serving as a juror in an International Poetry Contest for WNWU.

2019 - World Poetic Star Award from WNWU. 

2020 -  Award for Merits to the Development of World Literature 2020 for myself as well as for the How to Write for Success Literary forum from WNWU.

2020 - World's Best Literary Jury Member Award from WNWU.

 2020 - World Award of Excellence in Literature by the Provincial Municipality of Urubamba, Republic Government of Peru.

2020 Poetry award from UHE, Peru as a posthumous tribute to the great poet Kairat Duissenov Parman, Founding President of the World Nations Writers Union of Kazakhstan.

2020, UHE awarded me with the Caesar Vallejo 2020’ as one of the most outstanding in Literature.

2021, Received from UHE the World Prize of the Golden Eagle Award for Excellence in Literature. 

2021, The School of Arts and Poetry awarded the Torchbearers Award to the How to Write for Success Literary Forum for immense contribution to Literature, and gave all Admins awards for excellence in Literature.

QUESTION: Where can we purchase your books?

ANSWER:  My books are available at all popular stores throughout the world such as Amazon, UBuy, Kobo, Barnes and Nobles, Walmart, Powell’s, and other popular book stores.

The Amazon Universal Link is

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