07 Sep

How do we create a better world? 

68 poets have stated their views in impressive poetic verses in this Anthology, CREATING A BETTER WORLD. 

If these verses are read by the masses and acted upon, there will certainly be a change in attitudes and thinking, and our vision for a better world will be achieved.

Crime, abuse, environmental pollution, lack of love for our brothers and sisters, selfishness, anger, jealousy, and greed, are pollutants in this world. 

The burning question is; can our leaders bring about change? The answer is No. Change must begin with each of us. It begins in our hearts.

It is not too late for parents to take on the leadership role, and guide their children on the right path.

Children are the future of the world. With proper guidance they can create a better world.

I take this opportunity to thank each of the participants in this much needed Anthology. Your poems were exceptional.

Dr. Vandita Dharni – Chief Literary Ambassador - India for HTWFS, wrote an impressive Foreword, and Anganie Ramsaroop did a wonderful job of editing the manuscript that I compiled.

I also thank all Literary Ambassadors of the How to Write for Success Literary Forum for their unending support.

Last, but not least, I thank the Administration of CIESART - EUROPE for their motivation and encouragement, with special mention of Lily Baylon, President, who wrote the Preface, and Vitrina of the European Showcase in Spain.

It is a great honour for the How to Write for Success Literary Forum to be associated with a legally registered company.  CIESART – EUROPE has a presence in five continents, Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Oceania, and over 80 countries. 

They have a ‘preponderant mission of cultural integration for the benefit of international organizations, seeking promotion and development mechanisms to establish a fluid relationship between countries worldwide,’ in the field of literature and art.

CIESART [the legal abbreviation] - The International Chamber of Writers & Artists is a service – oriented and non-profit organization.

Its fundamental objective is to contribute to the integration of international organizations and individuals, through global agreements to achieve peace with innovative proposals and elements that promote cultural policies in the world, for the benefit of humanity.

Members Writers, Artists, Cultural Promoters and Personalities in the 80 countries, that develop activities for specified projects, form this great union.

Above all, CIESART rewards talent and perseverance through annual recognition by way of the "Mar de Cristal International Award," in different categories.

Here is my poem:

Crime, abuse, environmental pollution,

Lack of love for our brothers and sisters,

Selfishness, anger, jealousy, and greed,

Will continue to produce bad seed.

Removing these pollutants should be our ultimate goal

In our aim to creating a better world.

Change must begin with each of us.

It begins deep inside us, in our hearts.

Parents must take on the leadership role,

Our children are the future of the world.

Guide them along the right pathway.

It’s our responsibility to keep them from going astray.

This Anthology is dedicated to the memory of the great Trinidadian writer and Nobel Prize Winner 2001 – Vidia Naipaul.

Brenda Mohammed (Author and Poet of 50 books).

FOUNDER: How to Write for Success Literary Network.

PRESIDENT: CIESART-Trinidad and Tobago.

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