02 Jun


You walked around the dancing floor between the people there

They were dancing very closely special if they were a pair

They were so in love and wanted to be closer still then they already were

You, could see it on their faces that they really really care

You still walked around to search for that one the one so

very special You wanted to hold them in your arms

For now, you just felt so empty But then a face showed up

in front of her he was so very handsome

His hair was blond en eyes so green it was he looked right

through her

Her heart began to hammer then it wanted to just jump out

It was love at first glance wouldn't you know her heart was

racing loud

You wanted to stretch your arms to him and danced the

night away

The music was so awesome the atmosphere so hot

You didn't let him go even when the music stopped, you

wanted him to stay

You both had fallen so in love right from the first hallo it

was destiny that was putting you together and with your

touch to him it was making it all better.

©Liesbeth Gregory.

My name is Liesbeth Gregory and I would like to tell you a bit about me.

I am originally from the Netherlands but now live here in the USA.

I am married and I live for writing Poetry in which I can put in there all I am and my soul.

I have been writing Poetry since 1989 on a dare and the rest as they say is history.

I am 66 years and love life and living in Texas has been a dream for me.

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