02 Jun

Moorlands  by John Fingleton

A soft wind blew across the moor,

And the heather danced in tune,

Some grouse flew up to test the air,

Then snuck back, into its sweet perfume.

A sparrow hawk circled low,

In anticipation of its prey,

Then attracted by some other thing;

It quickly flew away.

A beauty haunts this desolate place,

With its contours shaped by ice,

Where beasts can still roam wild and free -

A small touch of paradise.

Bracken on the moor-edge slopes,

Mixed flora in the glens,

All produce their radiant colours,

Without the help or seed of men.

The walkers-path is overgrown,

Not many came this year,

The changes in the weather,

Have brought many summer storms to Clare.

There are some patches now of topsoil,

I hadn’t noticed at first glance,

Just a small sign - like so many others -

That we are on our final chance.

© John Anthony Fingleton  (Löst Viking)

From my book ‘Words That Found Me’

Painting ‘Moorland’ by Irish painter Alexander Williams RHA (1846-1930)


John Anthony Fingleton: Was born in Cork City, in the Republic of Ireland. Now living in Paraguay South America.  Poems published in journals and anthologies in Ireland, UK, USA, India and France as well as three plays produced. Poet of the Year (2016) Destiny Poets International Community. Poems read on Irish and American radio as well in Spanish on South American broadcasts. Contributed to four books of poetry for children.  Has poems published in Spillwords, Alien Bhudda, The Red Door, Piker Press,Super Poetry Highway,  The Writers Magazine, Ariel Chart and numerous national and international journals, blogs, reviews, and anthologies.

  Poet of the Month (March 2019) Our Poetry Archive. Poet of the Month (April 2019) The League of Poets.  First solo collection ´Poems from the Shadowlands´ was published in November 2017, 'Words That Found Me' December 2019,  'Poems From The Banks' January 2020,  'Poems from a Restricted Place' April 2020 and 'Secret Fjords' May 2020. All which are all available on Amazon.

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