01 Jun

Mortal(s) by  Collins Paris

The great waves

Of the mighty river Nile

Are the floods of tears

Of our ancestors cried long ago

Bear the pain when you are hurt

Because mortal(s) are subjected to pain

The green lushes of fields

On human flesh they feed

Under those fat trees

Lies bodies of our ancestors

Death is our fate, oh man never prolong life

Because mortal(s) are subjected to death

Young, strong and polished faces yes are for todays 

Old, weak and wrinkled faces are for tomorrows

Age and sickness come as the days grow weak... Live and grow

Because mortal(s) are subjected to grow wrinkles on their face

Live and grow...

©®collins Paris 🇿🇲

Copyright reserved

 Collins Paris is a poet, songwriter, singer(rapper) and a writer from Zambia.  He was born and raised in Chimwemwe Township Copper Belt Province. He is the third born in a family of four boys I

He started writing poems when he was 14 years of age just after his parents were divorced.

Being the only son, and seeing the tears coming from his Mom’s eyes, he started dreaming of becoming a writer.

His natural prowess in the field of art and literature has propelled him to become a renowned poet of note.  He writes to inspire people young, old, and children of all ages.

Collins has written poems and articles on different groups and platforms.

He has won many certificates and received many recognitions from Poetry abilities, Ink with magic, Hands of poems writers, and many more.

Some of his poems are published on Bharath Vision website on Motivational Strips, the world’s most active writers’ Forum.

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