01 Jun

NOSTALGIA  by Mir Samsul Haque

Slices of foggy memories of late do creep up

Seem to have calmed down my sizzling nerves

My notorious memory knocks again the back door

I muzzle my mind mercilessly for the trailing tugs

Thriving in my sovereign world with crimson delight

The past panorama flashes forth with edifying aroma

Behind the veil of time still craving for lost time

A new awakening rejuvenates like the pompous opera

The shared moments with siblings and peers sway me

Clout of followers follow me like a tall shadow

The woes melting in the folds of unalloyed joy

The treasured memory hurls me into a promised tomorrow

Innumerable crazy days flood in with great force

The strife-torn life then bountifully heaves a sigh

Nostalgic narratives are my last course and last resort

Yet life is brimming somehow as my hopes never die

© Mir Samsul Haque

     All Rights Reserved

Brief Bio of Mir Samsul Haque

Mir Samsul Haque ( Shamsul Haq - pen name) hails from Odisha, India. He is a teacher by profession. He is a trilingual poet. Apart from English, he has a good number of poems published in Odia language and Urdu language as well. He loves reading and writing poems. His quest is to widen the spectrum of his knowledge. An ardent lover of life, so has written extensively on life delineatig its bliss and beauty.

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