05 Sep

“Creating A Better World” Poem

Ah, to sail upon the sea of words.

Waves of nouns and verbs in herds.

Crashing against the pages as a sail.

To bring forth poems that shall prevail.

“Creating a Better World” to be!

Containing a poem by me.

A plethora of poets in the prime of their craft;

Deposit their poems on this sailing raft.

A massive book dedicated to Anthology of Verses.

A choir of poets chanting in chorus.

To tell stories in poetic rhyme and song;

Of truths and faithful wishes where they belong.

A Preface and Forward of the finest worth; 

To tell of visions that fill the Earth.

The Editor and Publisher of the highest rank.

Words that they write are worthy to bank.

International distribution of this book of high knowledge.

Those who own it will feel as if in college.

The wisdom inside its printed pages.

Cover things known by scholars and sages.

In time to come this book’s value will grow.

As its authors will age and their fame will bestow.

Feelings of gratitude to the test of time.

Where treasure is discovered within their rhyme.

I say this now in the light of life;

The worthy words inside combat against strife.

A tribute to poetry as this book does unfold;

“Creating a better World” its vision that is told…

fBk Fibby Bob Kinney (c)

 USAPHOTO: International Anthology of Verses. “I hold this book in my hand. My fingers as a crown to the testimony of its glory.”

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