20 Jan


The news of the death of Farhana Sait came as a shock to her colleagues at How to Write for Success Literary Network. Although we were informed by a reliable source, we kept hoping it was not true.

 How could a beautiful young vibrant woman depart this life at such an early age? 

Her son later confirmed her death. 

The reality of her demise sank in, and we were devastated.

 Farhana Sait was the Spokesperson for the How to Write for Success Literary Network, and a Literary Ambassador for India.

 She was an award-winning poet and bestselling co-author.

 Farhana was the holder of a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, a training and development officer, an entrepreneur, a freelance editor in her local newspaper, a writer, and poet. 

She was a co-author in six Amazon No 1 bestselling anthologies produced by the How to Write for Success Literary Forum, and was Assistant Editor for A Spark of Hope: A Treasury of Poems for Saving Lives, Volumes One and Two. 

She was also a co-author in Break the Silence: An Anthology Against Domestic Violence - Volumes One and Two, Peace Begins with Us: An Anthology of Poems for Peace, Humanity, and Love, and Creating a Better World: International Anthology of Verses. 

A talented young woman, writing quotes, poems, and short stories were her passion. 

Apart from writing, cooking is another one of her passions and she ran two restaurants. 

Although she received many accolades, the best one for her was being a happy mother, sister, and aunt, and she gave all praise and thanks to the Almighty. her son, two strong sisters, nieces, and nephews. 

Farhana's wish was to see a world without pain, especially single women whom she wanted to see become stronger and handle life with care.

 Farhana was like a sister to her colleagues in the How to Write for Success Literary Network, and a dear and loyal friend.

She was also a motivational speaker, worked to prevent suicides, and counselled the depressed.  

As a social worker and empathetic personality,  her achievements were highly commendable. 

She joined the forum as an Administrator when it newly started.

The forum will be five years old on 6th February 2023. 

Her passion was saving people from suicide. 

Because of her, the anthology A SPARK OF HOPE was born. 

She was the driving force behind the sub forum, Poems for Prevention of Suicide. 

I had planned to do Part III of that anthology this year and we will do it as a memorial for her. 

We will sorely miss her, and pray that God will grant her everlasting peace. 

I have written the undermentioned poem as my tribute: 

A SHINING STAR A shining star has found her place in the deep blue sky. 

Leaving her family and colleagues behind to grieve and cry. 

We deeply regret that we did not get to say adieu. 

God called you home, and one day we’ll again meet you.   

We’ll remember your laughing eyes and beautiful face. 

From our memory they can never be erased. 

I believe we were more than just online friends, 

The bond between us remained strong to the end. 

While some may shed tears because you’ve gone, 

Others will rejoice because you were born. 

You graced this world with kindness and love, 

And God will reward you in heaven above. Copyright@BrendaMohammed

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