01 Sep

"The poems in the Anthology, CREATING A BETTER WORLD, are like soft cotton between clouds or songs with feelings.

 These beautiful narratives with nationalist sentiment, show us an extraordinary description of what the culture of Trinidad and Tobago is.

More than a set of Caribbean Islands, it seems like a set of paradises, one more beautiful than another, with unparalleled gastronomy.

It is also a country that respects the cultural identity of the individual whatever their predilection, in terms of the different and diverse manifestations. cultural and personal.

As for literature, we have among the outstanding, men who fought against colonialism, making a historical contribution. 

This was the beginning of publications and apogee for literature, the Nobel Prize for Literature 2001, is born in Trinidad and Tobago in terms of art. State agencies are always organizing art exhibitions in their different manifestations, and all the Arts are cultivated,

I thank the outstanding writers who came together to carry out this wonderful work, especially the President of the International Chamber of Writers and Artists CIESART Trinidad & Tobago, Brenda Mohammed, who makes a clear example in her contribution to promote the culture of her country, in beautiful expressions.

"La. Lily R. Baylón(**) Lily R. Baylon is the President and Founder of the International Chamber of Writers and Artists of CIESART in Spain, Peru and Switzerland. 

She was appointed by the State, in the Ministries of Education, Justice and Human Rights,

An Administrator of the Writing Profession, she published 7 books in state public spaces, is an organizer of different events of great government relevance, and leader of different Writers Guilds.

She dedicated 30 years of her life to carrying out Humanitarian Assistance, in various and different countries.

She is a born altruist, winner of countless awards for her social work around the world and its cultural management, member of UNESCO, Conductor of Social Programs, Director and Auditor of different companies, Entrepreneur and Sponsor of different social programs of humanitarian aid to vulnerable populations, and a faithful adherent of the statutes stipulated in the world organization that presides over more than 100 countries.

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