22 Sep

Adeyemi Kehinde Oluwanishola is an Administrator/Designer/Artist in the How to Write for Success Literary Network, and is a great asset to the Forum.

 Adeyemi is a brilliant and talented designer/artist. 

He designs and creates the beautiful certificates you receive every month. 

He hails from Ijebu Ishiwo, Ogun State, Nigeria. 

He's also a prolific writer of all types of literature, and has won literary recognition and many diploma awards to his credit, from top poetry forums.

Because of his multi- talents and his great contributions to literary works, he holds administrative positions in many forums, locally and internationally.

Adeyemi is the Co-founder of T&K COMPUTER and T&K E-magazine.

 Here is one of his poems: 


The cloud is pregnant, With troublous wind of distress 

Finding place of rest but none could pacify. 

No one knows how to calm it down in an helpless state 

The wind is mightier than we expected 

Much for us to bear but though we once wanted it to rain

It rained and the wind roared like thunder 

Come see how fear grabbed our hearts. 

Not long the lightning sparkles, 

With zig zags as speed of light. 

Day turned night in twinkling of an eye 

Here and there we had to stretch our hands finding what to lay hands on. 

The rain is heavy. 

Oh Lord we plead for mercy 

Where have we gone wrong 

I heard her whispering 

Shivering and gnashing like a born babe 

She tightened her clothes to herself feeling cold like ice. 

Alas! The wind was subject to the humble request of the woman. 

The sky was clear and favourable to us again. 

What a prayer! I thought within myself. 

Here comes the birth of a new sun shining across the globe. 

©® Adeyemi Kehinde A. Oluwanishola Nigeria 🇳🇬 

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