25 Sep

Timothy DiVito of the USA, an Administrator of the How to Write for Success Literary Forum, has been a poet for 44 years. 

 Many of his fabulous poetry narrations are on YouTube. Timothy published on Amazon a book entitled "Poetic Passion," and another called,” Forever and Ever.”

 Here is one of his poems from the book Forever and Ever,:


You walked out the front door, 

I walked out the back of the same building in New York. 

You walked into Times Square on the left sidewalk, 

By chance I walked down the right. 

You crossed 42nd Street as free as the wind, 

Thinking the world was a diamond in the rough.

I walked by wondering why, not knowing

 I would meet the lady of my dreams in the hustle of life. 

Not a glance, but a series of romantic smiles, 

You were breath taking like a Spring day. 

Just small talk at first,  a cup of coffee, 

As our worlds collided, we grew close. 

Fate or destiny on course, we met to love, 

Meant to connect in a sleepless city. 

Timothy Michael DiVito c2019 


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