24 Sep

Debabrata Mohanty of India, is an Administrator in How to Write for Success Literary Network. He is a post- graduate in English Literature, with specialization in American literature.  He has a great passion for writing poems.

 Please join me in congratulating our esteemed administrator, Debabrata Mohanty on his poetry publication ‘Smoky Dew’ with a foreword from Founder Brenda Mohammed. The book is available on Amazon.

Here is one of his poems:


 My heart is in poetry 

It bleeds into ink 

It fills my goblet 

With what I nurse that drink. 

I'm certainly not a poet; 

But so, for the reasons of my heart 

When I stumble in the puddle 

It awakens to clean the dirt. 

The heart beats a lot 

With worries taking room. 

The clouds burst into raindrops 

Making the garden bloom. 

I love my heart with all my heart. 

I take all its pleasure and pain 

Despite the wounds I get. 

I know it will put them right again. 

Copyright@Debabrata Mohanty 

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