25 Sep

Sarah Rachel Ramphal is an Administrator in the How to Write for Success Literary Network. She is from the beautiful island of Trinidad & Tobago. 

 She started writing approximately four years ago and it has been her passion since. 

Sarah aspires to publish a book one day and wishes to continue inspiring others through her writings. 

Here is her delightful poem on Spring. 


Here comes spring, 

As nature brings New life to light, 

A new season so bright Out of the earth 

What was beneath Now sprouts with glee 

As the coldness flee. Warm our hearts too, 

From the winters blue Fill it with love, 

Like a beautiful dove. Spring is here. 

Please stay my dear. Let my life bloom. 

And not left to doom 

My love will grow, 

So the seeds we sow Of a love so true 

Which to so many are few. 

©️Sarah Ramphal

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