05 Nov

The book HOW TO WRITE FOR SUCCESS was published on my birthday 1st December 2017.

It was not planned that way. It just happened. I started writing ‘How to Write for Success’ just after I had published Zeeka Chronicles in February 2017. Because of the resounding success of Zeeka Chronicles. I decided to share with new and aspiring authors on how to write a best-selling and award-winning book. I was hesitant to publish the book as I was unsure how well it would be received by other authors. I finally published it and it was live on Amazon on 1st December 2017. Was that a coincidence that it was live on my birthday?

In January 2018, one month after the book How to Write for Success was published, Readers Favorite gave it a five-star review. It also garnered several more five-star reviews. That inspired me to start the Literary Forum HOW TO WRITE FOR SUCCESS on 5th February 2018.

I had no idea at that time what direction the forum would take. We had few members and I felt that we were not achieving much. One day in July 2018, I received a message in my inbox from someone with a very long name. He asked me to join his forum of which he was the Founder, and become one of his Administrators. He had already added me as a member. The next day I decided to check out his forum and I agreed to be an Administrator. I received a very warm welcome in the chat room. However, I was not a poet at that time and I felt that I could not manage it. After one month, I left the forum. The Founder was persistent and messaged me to ask why I left. One of his Admins added me back to the forum. In October 2018, the Founder affiliated How to Write for Success with his forum.

I will list the successes hereunder:

Feb.2019 – With 49 co-authors, A Spark of Hope: A Treasury of Poems for Saving Lives Volume 1 was published.

Feb. 2020 – With 64 co-authors, A Spark of Hope: A Treasury of Poems for Saving Lives Volume 2 was published.

Both books topped the charts on Amazon and made Best Seller No. 1 within the space of a few days.

March 5th 2020 - Together with 87 co-authors, the Forum also published a ground-breaking Anthology, Break the Silence: An Anthology Against Domestic Violence.

The book contained an article by the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Trinidad, Right Reverend Joy Abdul-Mohan. The Anthology topped the charts of Amazon in a few days and became an Amazon bestseller No 1

The sub-forums Poems for Suicide Prevention, Poems Against  Domestic Violence, and Library of How to Write for Success were established thereafter.

15th February 2020 Alem Hailu of the Ethiopian Herald published a review about the book How to Write for Success. CLICK HERE TO READ

On 28th May 2020. WORLD NATIONS WRITERS UNION conferred on How to Write for Success a rare and exclusive award to selfless literary institutions that have very high standards of operations, and serve the world of literature selflessly.

On India’s Independence Day - 15th August 2020, all twelve Administrators, the Founder, and many members were honoured by GUJARAT SAHITYA ACADEMY AND MS.

The forum’s website contains valuable information on successful writing at

A YouTube channel has been established at


To date we have a total of  14000  Members.



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