30 Jun

 I would like to be the sun of your days.
 I would like our hearts to make a crossways. 
I would like to be the moon of your nights. 
To light your heart like a light. 

I need you, as the plant needs water.

Don't abandon me after. 

Because without you, life will not be good. 
your love flows in my blood.

One day I will place your beautiful eyes in the sky . 
To make my eyes happy. 
Because your eyes shine in my heart like a star. 
And i am your templar. 

You have the beauty of a thousand flowers. 
And your love gives me power.
 I love you with all my heart . 
And I want us to move like a handcart. 



 Manu Tende Nzengu is of Congolese nationality (DRC), and is known under the pseudonym of manuforGod. doctor, poet, slammer. 

He is passionate about beautiful letters and words that undress in the eyes of readers.

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