01 Jun

The People’s Princess by Terry Sewell

I still grieve for you

don’t know why

when nighttime falls

stars shine

I see your eyes

twinkling so bright

you gave us…

much delight

that certain charm

never doing harm

even on your darkest night

remembering that smile

your grace

in stature

shining a light

onto a troubled world

you became

our world

our girl

the fairy tale Princess

and you were

the best

by far



the press

turned on you

our angelic heart

we waited

with bated breath

as your world

fell apart

our Princess of hearts…

torn apart

by a love of deceit

a cheat

lie upon lie…

it said

on the television…

newspapers we read

how could they treat

our lady Dianna

this way

to suffer finally…

one day

in a traffic accident

some say…


even today

but in every which way


had passed away…


the people’s Princess…

had left us.

© Terry Sewell


I began writing from the early age of five, in a tiny village in the English countryside of East Anglia in a place called East Barsham. Born in 1955 at a time that almost seemed to stand still, life never changed in seasons that had long hot summers and even longer cold winters.

I loved all the characters of that memorable era in which I will always hold close to my heart. It was a golden time of freedom and fun that will stay in my memory forever. But I only took the one thing that I ever truly loved doing seriously just over three years ago. In that time I have met some of the most beautiful people in this world today.

They have helped me in my work, inspired me by their wonderful comments of encouragement and sincere friendship. My work has since taken me to Schools, libraries, workshops, events, guest appearances on BBC Radio, and book signings around two counties, hopefully inspiring the next generation to write the beautifully written word in all its many forms. I am forever grateful, in finally being a successful writer, which was always my dream, to be a prize-winning Poet and Published author of both adult and children's books, is just the icing on the cake.

But most of all I want to thank a Lady, whose name I cannot divulge, who in my darkest hour, told me to never give up, and because of her, I owe all of this. THANK YOU BEAUTIFUL know who you are.

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