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HOW TO WRITE FOR SUCCESS LITERARY FORUM was founded by Trinidadian author BRENDA MOHAMMED in February 2018.

After her successful entry into the literary world in 2013 and having written a number of books, some of which won awards and became bestsellers, she wrote the book HOW TO WRITE FOR SUCCESS to help new and aspiring authors. One month after its publication, Readers Favorite International gave it a five-star review.

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Reviewed by Darin Godby for Readers’ Favorite, Five Stars.

“Author Brenda Mohammed gives the reader valuable nuggets of truth to use within their own writing career in How To Write For Success. There is a brief introduction listing the various books the author has written and her ability to encompass different types of literature. The purpose of this book is to show readers that the author has a passion to help other readers fulfill their lifelong dream of writing their own book. I really appreciated the personal stories on how the author writes her own material and how important research is, even before one begins to write. She also lists several Facebook groups she has joined to help promote both her material and herself as an author.

One of the best statements I appreciated within this book is: “A book description is your sales pages. It will sell your book. Make sure it is engaging and can turn a browse into a buy.” This is a great and valuable information for a writer to understand. There is also listed the importance of copyrighting the material, getting an ISBN number, etc. Whoever gets the ISBN number is considered the publisher. The author has the choice of getting their own or letting the publisher get it for them. Pre-orders are very important to an author. Creating excitement before the book is even printed is huge. There are also many listed things that one can do following publication. Branding yourself is also very important. People must know about you and your material, how to find it, and consider reading it. I really enjoyed all the links provided in the e-book, allowing the reader to go to various publishers, writing aids, Facebook groups, etc. This is an asset to any writer at any level, given the detailed information, but for the beginner, it is a must-have!.”

This review inspired Brenda to start the Literary Forum, How to Write for Success.

In October 2018, Shiju H Pallithazheth, the Founder of Motivational Strips, the world’s most active writers’ forum approached Brenda to affiliate her forum with Motivational Strips and she agreed. This affiliation worked in favour of both forums and the benefits were many. Both groups saw an increase in membership.

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In February 2019, How to Write for Success Literary Forum produced an Anthology of Poems to prevent Suicide. ‘A Spark of Hope’ co-authored by 47 poets of both forums topped the charts of Amazon and became Amazon bestseller No 1 in Poetries and Anthologies.

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In August 2019, the book ‘How to Write for Success;’ topped all the books in the Non-Fiction category of Connections Emagazine Readers’ Choice awards and won the gold medal. It also won the silver medal in the overall categories for second place. The first place went to one of Brenda’s books, ‘Stories People Love.’ It was a double victory.

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Because of favourable reports received about A Spark of Hope, which saved many from committing suicide, on 11th February 2020, the forum published Volume two of A Spark of Hope. That book, which was co-authored by 64 poets, also topped the charts of Amazon to become bestseller No 1 in Poetries and Anthologies.

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The increase in Domestic Violence throughout the world raised much concern for poets in both forums. On March 5th, Break the Silence: An Anthology against Domestic Violence, coauthored by 87 poets was published by the forum. That Anthology also topped the charts of Amazon to become bestseller No 1 in Poetries and Anthologies.

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The merits of the book, ‘How to Write for Success’ were featured in a comprehensive review in the Ethiopian Herald Sunday Edition on February 16th, 2020, by senior journalist Alem Hailu. He gave full details of how it can help new and even seasoned authors.

This is one sentence from his lengthy review, ‘As a novelist, book reviewer, and editor myself, I wish I had this book by my bedside for reference in my previous literary pursuits, for unlike other books, I made recourse to, in a bid to fathom the literary devices authors, as well as book reviewers, are expected to well digest, HOW TO WRITE FOR SUCCESS profits a wide array of writers if they, in good time, upload it in their backpacks.’

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On 28th May 2020, WORLD NATIONS WRITERS UNION conferred on How to Write for Success Literary Forum a rare and exclusive award to selfless literary institutions that have very high standards of operations, and serve the world of literature selflessly.

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On August 15th, 2020, it was a moment of pride when the Founder and all Administrators of HOW TO WRITE FOR SUCCESS LITERARY FORUM were honoured by Motivational Strips, the world’s most active writers’ forum, and Gujarat Sahitya Academy of Gujarat, India.

To date, the Forum which now has three sub-forums have a total of members as follows:

How to Write for Success 6,300

Poems for Suicide Prevention 1,300

Poems Against Domestic Violence 1,100

Library of how to Write for Success 308

The Forum also has a website at

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