24 Aug

The Facebook Literary Forum – How to Write for Success, founded by Trinidad Author Brenda Mohammed recently published Volume Two of Break the Silence: An Anthology of Poems Against Domestic Violence. 

The first issue of this anthology was published in March 2020. 

From the feedback received, it brought relief to many victims of domestic violence. 

It achieved Amazon's No 1 bestseller ranking.

With the onslaught of Covid 19 and the extended lockdowns, Domestic Violence is on the rise again. 

The Administration of How to Write for Success Literary Forum believes that persons in abusive situations must speak out against this menace in our society, and as writers, they will support them.

BREAK THE SILENCE VOLUME 2 is the work of 91 International poets of the How to Write for Success Literary Network. 

Together they have used their pens to raise their voices against Domestic Violence. 

It was published in June 2021.

CHIEF EDITOR/PUBLISHER: Brenda Mohammed TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO – Founder of How to Write for Success Literary Network, with 12000 members plus.

EDITOR: Florabelle Lutchman TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO – Chief Administrator of Literary Forum for Poems Against Domestic Violence.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Shanita Vichare INDIA – Administrator of How to Write for Success.

COVER DESIGNER – Mary L. Schmidt USA – Member

These poems encourage persons in abusive situations to speak out against this menace in our society.

It is available in both Kindle and Paperback versions on Amazon stores worldwide.

This book has also received Amazon No 1 bestseller ranking. 

It is worth reading by all victims of domestic violence, and even by abusers.It is recommended for all.

Get your copy on Amazon. 

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