21 Jan

Death is real, It is hard to accept 

When you hear About the sad demise 

Of a departed soul you know, 

Be it a friend, family, community member, colleague,

 acquaintance and so on. 

The body is still, 

There are no more expressions, 

No more replies, No more laughter, 

No gestures, You can keep calling out the name,

 Only silence will meet you dead in the eye. 

There are no goodbyes, 

No hugs, no handshakes, 

Just a sudden disappearance,

 Like the clearing of a fog, 

One whole life parted in a click of fingers. 

Our life is just a transit, 

We reckon with a sigh,

 Let's make most if it, 

As peacefully and joyously as we can, 

Tomorrow is not promised, my friend, 

Let's live and let live while we can.


On one such glorious path, 

A beautiful person We met on our way,

 Literary pearls she spilled, 

Her beautiful smile Like sunbeams around, 

She spread joy around her, 

Her poetry touched our hearts, 

Gone but never forgotten, 

Farhana Sait, you leave beautiful remembrance in our hearts

 May your soul rest in peace ameen,

 You will never ever be forgotten, 

Rest well, my friend Until we meet together 

At Heaven's gate. 

Sakina S. Dossaji

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