30 Jan

To some, life is a merry go round

That is filled with so many ups and downs.

To others life is just a race,

And this must be run, at a fairly good pace.

To some again, life is troubled and filled with fear.

So many times eyes are filled with tears.

But life must be faced fair and square,

So we can really live down here.

To me, life can be happy or sad

It is what I make it- good or bad.

We must live with love, not fear or hate

Before we find it is much too late

.Let’s live on, dear friends and enjoy what we have,

As we can never get it back again.

One day at a time is all we need,

So let’s get right down and live good deeds.

We have lost so many of our loved ones

Husbands, wives, sons, daughters and friends.

Farhana Sait, so beautiful in appearance

The shocking news of her death stung our hearts.

She was a Facebook friend involved in the Literary Forum

Writing her thoughts and feelings so beautifully.

She was the Literary Ambassador for India on the Forum.

We looked forward every day to seeing her beautiful face,

And reading her exquisite poems and quotes.

We will surely miss her although we never met in person.

But let us not be too sad,

For we know she is glad

To be among the heavenly angels

Up above in that glorious Kingdom where she is free from pain.

She has gone but has left an empty world.

Her light is no longer shining down here in this life

But I am sure she is saying, 'Do not grieve for me.' 

Let me go I am happy.

Rest in peace and fly with the angels, Farhana.

We will love you always.

Florabelle Lutchman 

Copyright 2023 

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