18 Sep

Sakina Dossaji aka Sakina Shabs, one of the Administrators in How to Write for Success Literary Network, wrote a humorous article titled, WHEN HOUSE-HUSBAND TAKES OVER, for the Second Issue of the Literary Magazine. Here is the article:

When House - Husband Takes over and roles are reversed.

  “Will you be coming home for lunch, honey?” Hal asked while scooping flour from the container. 

“No, just prepare food for the kids and yourself. I have a meeting over lunch at Lazaro’s,” she said briskly, brushing a kiss on his cheek as she tied a cream scarf over her neck.

 “At least have some pancakes, Pam. Here, let me drizzle maple syrup for you. Although the tea is a bit strong today,” he said sheepishly. 

“You spoil me so much, Hal!” She smiled. 

“Wakey! Wakey! kids, time for school,” Hal chirped. 

He was up since 5 a.m. and full of zeal. He packed cheese sandwiches for them and dropped them to school. 

‘Back to business,’ he mused. Ed Sheeran’s love notes rang in the air as he tossed some clothes in the washing machine,

 “When your legs don’t walk like they used to before, and I can’t sweep you off your feet, will your mouth still remember the taste of my love?” 

He dusted and vacuumed. A dozen doorbells interrupted his schedule - milkman, vegetable man, newspaper guy, a neighbor borrowing some salt. It was crazy.

 Multi-tasking was not an easy thing to do. Looking after a pot of milk on the stove was an accomplishment in itself if it didn’t spill. 

How do these ladies handle this daily? he chuckled. 

It was his first time. The pandemic had caused him misfortune of loss of his job. On the other hand, his wife landed a lucrative opportunity with a Media Agency. 

So they decided to reverse roles. Pam was in a boardroom meeting when a bleep on her phone alerted her. She knew it must be Hal, for it was the fourteenth time he was asking her a question. “I’m making chicken curry, what goes in first, tomatoes or onions?” 

She covered her mouth as a smile erupted. ‘My adorable husband,’ she muttered with a sigh, as she replied. 

He was so tired by noon, he skipped lunch. He lay on the floor, drained. He had to make potato gratin and roast chicken for dinner, evening tea, make the kids do home-work, entertain guests in the evening, and spend time with his wife at night. 

He didn’t think he had any energy left to talk to her or anyone for that matter. If, unfortunately, one of the kids fell ill, he would have to stay awake half of the night nursing them. 

His appreciation for his wife grew thousand fold. He promised never to take her for granted and never to accuse her whenever in argument, “What do you do the whole day?” 

She helped him with the housework the following day. “I know Hal, housework is never-ending and both partners should share the load.” 

He tucked a flower in her tresses and kissed her hand in affirmation. 

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