17 Sep

We are sharing an interesting article written by Administrator Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo for the How to Write for Success Literary Magazine - Second Issue.


 “I believe that being a writer is a Higher Calling and that writers were given this great responsibility on their shoulders. 

They just don’t write for themselves but also for the Universe. For me, fulfillment in writing comes when you are able to use your words in helping humanity, in being a catalyst for change.

 My way of reaching out to my fellowmen and others in crisis is through the creative arts be it in writing or other art forms such as art pieces and photography. 

And because I believe that our talents must be used for the highest good, I put into use this wonderful gift given to me by the Creator. At a tender age of 5 years old, 

I already knew my Calling. My discernment happened while I was playing alone in our backyard amongst the trees. I already weaved stories of lurking creatures amid the lush greeneries surrounding me while I sat beside my mango tree. 

The journey to fulfilling my Personal Legend was full of ups and downs but what makes it worth the ride was this knowing inside of me that the Universe conspires for me to realize my dreams.

 Long before I got to know Paulo Coelho who is one of my writing influences and his books, I was already applying the Law of Attraction. 

I believed in myself, acted on my dreams of becoming a writer, and manifested it. The road I traversed was not a smooth one all along but reaching my destination triumphantly was worth it.

 As I have written in one of my earlier articles, I am no Ernest Hemingway or a Pablo Neruda but I do believe that when you write from the heart, your readers can feel the emotions you have poured down on your writings. 

I possess my own writer’s voice and that makes my pieces distinct from the others. I also believe in what Jeff Goins wrote in his book “A Writer’s Manifesto” stating that “writers write simply because they cannot NOT WRITE.” 

In one of my speaking engagements, I advised aspiring writers quoting what John Green said: “Do not write because you want to get famous. 

You will not be happy. Do not write because you want money. You will not be happy and contented.” 

He simply means write because that is your Sacred Calling. Write because you want to inspire the world. Write because you want to be the voice of the voiceless.” 

By Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo


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