23 Jan

You went to the refuge close to God sister 

This is not the  time  to say goodbaye. 

But  at this moment I try not to cry. 

I'll hold  onto  our memories. Until this life is done

--In my heart  is where I'll store them. 

I lost  a  precious  part  of me Where you  once  dwelled  dear  friend. 

A  bond  that  spanned  a  lifetime. Came abruptly  to  an end. 

I will  always  feel  your memory close  and  I will never forget  how great was the  affection  that united  us  

--A friend  is forever  and you  will  always  live in my heart. 

We  will  never  forget you,  you  will  always be  in  our thoughts

 and  every  day  we  will  miss your  smile,  joie  de vivre  the  love you  gave  us. 

A piece  of our heart has flown to heaven with you. 

We  will  continue to   live  joyfully  sure  that one day we will meet again;

we will always remember  the  love  and goodness you  gave  every day   of your life--

Your  joy  and  enthusiasm  will  continue to  feed  our memory in our daily lives;

Your  sudden  death  has  left  a  great  void  in those  who loved  you. 

Your memory  will  be  engraved  in  our souls. 

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