13 Apr

Reviewed by Faridah Nassozi for Readers' Favorite

In Revenge of Zeeka by Brenda Mohammed, the island of Gosh is under attack by an army of zombies under the command of a vengeful science genius. 

In the year 2016, the Zika virus broke out in Central and South America with life-threatening effects on pregnant women.
Given a choice to save the mothers or the unborn babies, a decision was made to save the mothers. 

The tiny stillborns were securely and secretly buried.
Only a few people knew of this. 

Unknown to everyone, however, a certain scientist managed to get hold of all 51 bodies, bring them back to life, and condition them to follow his command, creating himself a perfect army of zombies.
Now, twenty years later, the evil scientist seeks revenge on those he holds responsible for the stillbirths. 

Only three of the current doctors at Central Hospital - Raynor, Mark, and George - witnessed the unfortunate events of 2016. The three have strong suspicions about who might be controlling the zombies.
Meanwhile, Zeeka is lying in wait for the perfect time to unleash his army onto the island. Zeeka has big, evil plans and this is just the beginning. In a desperate search for answers, and with very little to go on, the doctors search for the elusive Master Zeeka. Will they save the islanders from Zeeka and his zombies, or will it be too late?
Revenge of Zeeka by Brenda Mohammed is a one-of-a-kind novella trilogy that delivers an incredible story guaranteed to give readers an absolute sci-fi treat. 

I especially liked how Brenda used current events as the pivotal point from which to build this amazing sci-fi horror.
This made the story even more relatable. More importantly, however, I admired how she owned her story and created this captivating version of events.
She captured with amazing depth the setting, characters, plot, and emotions in such few words.
If you are looking for a thrilling short read, this fast-paced, sci-fi action novella will give you the time of your life.


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